Zurich – Affoltern am Albis – Zug


The Knonauer Amt is receiving a direction connection to Oerlikon.

Overview of the service with 4. partial expansion

In the context of the second line into the Unterland the exchange ofthe dies S-Bahn lines in both passageways is required and results in the following service in the Knonauer Amt:

  • On the route Zurich main station – Affoltern am Albis – Zug the S9 is replaced by the S5, which results in a direction connection from the Oberland into the southern Knonauer Amt.
  • On the route Zürich main station – Affoltern am Albis – Zug the S15 is replaced by the S14, which results in a direct connection to the Knonauer Amt via the cross-city link.
  • Between Zurich main station and Affoltern am Albis the S5 and S14 run with a 10-/20-min. interval.
Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S5 (Pfäffikon SZ – Rapperswil – Uster – Stadelhofen–)
as at present
Zurich main station – Affoltern am 
Albis – Zug
Tight connection from long-distance travel,
replacement of the present S9, thereby a direct fast connection from the Oberland to the southern Knonauer Amt
Dec 2015
S14 (Hinwil – Oerlikon – Zurich main station)
New via the cross-city link
June 2014
Zurich main station – Affoltern am Albis Replacing the present S15, thereby a direct connection from Oerlikon to the Knonauer Amt,
10-/20-min. interval with S5, tight connection from/to the airport at Zurich main station (S2)
Dec 2015
  • A tight connection to long-distance travel at Zurich main station newly comes with the S5 and is thus beneficial for the entire Knonauer Amt.
  • As the S14 runs via the cross-city link, the station Hardbrücke towards Affoltern am Albis is now serviced only half-hourly.
  • In the context of expanding the Stadtbahn Zug the stop Steinhausen Rigiblick was built.

Infrastructure extensions

Due to extension in the context of the 3. partial expansion only Knonau requires an extension for the 4. partial expansion.

No. Route/Place Measures
1 Knonau Extension crossing station