Zurich – Dietikon – Aarau/Brugg


In the Limmattal capacity needs to be increased. Alongside the two lines via Stadelhofen a new line is set up through the cross-city link via Oerlikon.

Overview of the service with 4. partial expansion

Overview of the service with 4. partial expansion
Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S11 (Wila/Seuzach – Winterthur – Stadelhofen –)
Now full-day running line, at present Winterthur – Hardbrücke/Altstetten only during peak hours
Dec 2018
Zurich main station – Dietikon/Aarau From Hardbrücke replacement of the present S3, from ca. Dec 2017 during peak hours half-hourly between Dietikon and Aarau, from  ca. Dec 2019 full day
S12 (Schaffhausen/Wil – Winterthur – Stadelhofen –)
At present from Seuzach/Seen
Dec 2018
Zurich main station – Dietikon – Brugg As at present, Winterthur – Dietikon ¼-h interval with S11
S19 (Pfäffikon ZH/Effretikon – Oerlikon – Zurich main station)
New faster line stopping at Dietlikon, Wallisellen and Oerlikon, continuation via cross-city link Dec 2015
Zurich main station – Dietikon New faster line stopping only at Altstetten
Dietikon – Koblenz During peak hours (hourly interval)
  • The peak hour trains from the Freiamt (Muri AG) to Zurich main station will also run in the time-frame of the 4. partial expansion (S42).
  • The consolidation of the S11 in accordance with the full-day ½-h interval is possible according to the timetable 2020 (section Dietikon – Aarau).
  • The S-Bahn connection from Limmattal to the airport will be with stops at Zürich Hardbrücke (S12/S16 or S7 towards Balsberg) or at Zurich main station (S11/IC and S19/IC). The present long-distance connections via Dietikon, Altstetten, Oerlikon to the airport (flying train) will remain and newly pass via the cross-city link.

Infrastructure extensions

No. Route/Place Measures
1 Zurich main statino – Altstetten Track and platform adjustments
2 Rangierbahnhof Limmattal (RBL) Return loop for S-Bahn