Zurich – Dietikon – Aarau/Brugg


In the Limmattal capacity needs to be increased. Alongside the two lines via Stadelhofen a new line is set up through the cross-city link via Oerlikon.

Overview of the service with 4. partial expansion

Overview of the service with 4. partial expansion
Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S11 ((Wila –) Sennhof-Kyburg/Seuzach – Winterthur – Stadelhofen –)
Now full-day running line, at present Winterthur – Hardbrücke/Altstetten only during peak hours
Dec 2018
Zurich main station – Dietikon/Aarau From Hardbrücke replacement of the present S3, from Dec 2017 during peak hours half-hourly between Dietikon and Aarau, from ca. Dec 2021 full day
S12 (Schaffhausen/Wil – Winterthur – Stadelhofen –)
At present from Seuzach/Seen
Dec 2018
Zurich main station – Dietikon – Brugg As at present, Winterthur – Dietikon ¼-h interval with S11
S19 (Pfäffikon ZH/Effretikon – Oerlikon – Zurich main station)
New faster line stopping at Dietlikon, Wallisellen and Oerlikon, continuation via cross-city link Dec 2015
Zurich main station – Dietikon New faster line stopping only at Altstetten
Dietikon – Koblenz During peak hours (hourly interval)
  • The peak hour trains from the Freiamt (Muri AG) to Zurich main station will also run in the time-frame of the 4. partial expansion (S42).
  • The consolidation of the S11 in accordance with the full-day ½-h interval is expected according to the timetable 2022 (section Dietikon – Aarau).
  • The S-Bahn connection from Limmattal to the airport will be with stops at Zürich Hardbrücke (S12/S16 or S7 towards Balsberg) or at Zurich main station (S11/IC and S19/IC). The present long-distance connections via Dietikon, Altstetten, Oerlikon to the airport (flying train) remains and newly pass via the cross-city link.

Infrastructure extensions

No. Route/Place Measures
1 Zurich main statino – Altstetten Track and platform adjustments
2 Rangierbahnhof Limmattal (RBL) Return loop for S-Bahn