Zurich – Thalwil – Zug/Ziegelbrücke – Schwanden, Wädenswil/Rapperswil – Einsiedeln


As the cross-city link commences operations, traversing the city with the S2 and S8 becomes faster. The timetable for the S2 on the route Oerlikon – Flughafen has to be adjusted due to numerous conflicts. However, the S8 will remain unchanged between Oerlikon and Winterthur. The timetable on the left shore therefore needs to be newly planned.

Overview of the service with 4. partial expansion

Zurich – Thalwil – Ziegelbrücke – Schwanden GL

The slow and faster lines are being made more systematic; the stops policy of the S25 is being aligned with that of the RE Zurich – Chur. The timetable offered for Zurich main station to Pfäffikon SZ with one ½-h interval each of the S8, S2 and der S25 / RE Zürich – Chur is also possible with the 4. partial expansion. Between Pfäffikon SZ and Ziegelbrücke alongside Siebnen-Wangen the S25 is also servicing Lachen. However, due to the following IC Zürich – Chur one of the S2 is required to become faster and hence can no more service the stops Schübelbach-Buttikon, Reichenburg and Bilten. Between Siebnen-Wangen and Ziegelbrücke the S27 is now running with a half-hourly interval, with connections to the S25 and the RE Zürich – Chur in Siebnen-Wangen.

Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S2 (Airport –)
To date from Effretikon
June 2014
Oerlikon – Zurich main station via DML Time saved via cross-city link: 5 minutes, loss of long-distance connections at Zurich main station on the left shore
Zurich main station – Pfäffikon SZ Exact ½-h interval
Pfäffikon SZ – Ziegebrücke Stops in Schübelbach-Buttikon, Reichenburg and Bilten are suspended. S27 between Siebnen-Wangen and Ziegelbrücke
S8 (Winterthur –)
No hourly onward passage to Weinfelden
Dec 2018
Oerlikon – Zurich main station via DML Time saved via cross-city link: 5 minutes June 2014
Zurich main station – Thalwil Tight connection from long-distance travel,
approximate ¼-h interval with S24
Thalwil – Pfäffikon SZ Connection in Pfäffikon SZ to the Voralpen-Express in the direction of St. Gallen
S25 Zurich main station – Pfäffikon SZ –
Ziegelbrücke – Linthal
Hourly instead of two-hourly. Approximate ½-h interval with RE Zürich – Chur, new additional stops in Wädenswil and Lachen connected with a travel time extension of 2 to 3 minutes, ideal connections in Wädenswil (Einsiedeln) and Ziegelbrücke (Walensee, Uznach) June 2014
DML: cross-city line, IC: InterCity, RE: RegioExpress
  • The connections of the S2 and S8 to the RE Zürich – Chur are still not optimal in Pfäffikon SZ.
  • The tangential trains (Ziegelbrücke/Wollishofen –) Wiedikon – Altstetten could no more be traced out and were suspended.

Wädenswil / Rapperswil – Einsiedeln

Due to a different travel position of the Voralpenexpresses the timetable of the S13 also had to be adjusted.

Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S13 Wädenswil
Hourly tight connections to the S8 in the direction of Zurich (new) as well as to the S25 (instead of S2) in both directions
June 2014
Wädenswil – Einsiedeln 25-/35-min. interval instead of exact ½-h interval
Zürich Altstetten – Einsiedeln Direct connections during peak hours are suspended
S40 Rapperswil – Einsiedeln Integral ½-h interval intead of interval gaps June 2014
  • The service planning for the 4. partial expansion is based on the hourly stop of the S5 in Hurden being replaced by the stop of S40.

Zurich – Thalwil – Zug

The present S21 Thalwil – Zug is merged with the S24 Zurich – Horgen Oberdorf into a new S24 that goes from Schaffhausen/Weinfelden via Airport, Zurich to Zug. The stop Sihlbrugg is suspended. On the partially one-way route Thalwil – Zug the gaps between both half-hourly wedge-shaped train combinations towards Zug (S-Bahn before long-distance) are being decreased.

Line Route
Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S24 (Weinfelden –)   Dec 2018
(Thayngen – Flughafen –) Zurich main station New direct airport connection in the lower left-shore lake towns and towards Zug, half-hourly service for Wipkingen, reversal at Zurich main station Halle Dec 2015
Zurich main station – Thalwil S24 service as at preesent, peak hour service of S21 is suspended, approximate ¼-h interval with S8, in Thalwil a tight connection for all trains (S8, S2, RE) from Pfäffikon SZ to the S24 towards Zug June 2014
Thalwil – Zug S24 is extended from Horgen Oberdorf to Zug; present hourly S21 Thalwil – Zug is suspended, stop Sihlbrugg is suspended, in Zug half-hourly or hourly tight connections towards Lucerne or Ticino

Infrastructure extensions

Zurich – Thalwil – Ziegelbrücke – Schwanden

Zurich – Thalwil – Ziegelbrücke – Schwanden
No. Route/Place Measures
1 Thalwil – Richterswil Signalling facilities to shorten the signal headway, extension of the goods passing loop Au to 750 m
2 Freienbach – Bilten Signalling facilities to shorten the signal headway, track adjustments Pfäffikon SZ
3 Ziegelbrücke Double crossover

Zurich – Thalwil – Zug

Zurich – Thalwil – Zug
No. Route/Place Measures
4 Thalwil – Zug Signalling facilities to shorten the signalling headway,
Signal blox replacement Sihlbrugg