Zurich – Meilen – Rapperswil


The S7 is enhanced by additional trains (S20) during peak hours.

Overview of service with 4. partial expansion

Overview of service with 4. partial expansion
Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S6 (Baden – Otelfingen –) Zurich main station – Uetikon am See As at present
S16 (Airport – Oerlikon –)
Only from the airport instead of hourly as at present from Thayngen via Schaffhausen, Winterthur
Dec 2015
Zurich main station – Herrliberg-Feldmeilen As at present  
S7 (Winterthur – Oerlikon –) Zurich main station – Meilen – Rapperswil As at present  
S20 (Hardbrücke –) Zurich main station – Meilen – Stäfa Individual faster additional trains during peak hours in the direction of load with an approximate ¼-h interval for the S7, compared to S7 additional stop in Küsnacht ZH, but no stop in Uetikon am See June 2019

Infrastructure extensions

No. Route/Place Measures
1 Herrliberg-Feldmeilen Return loop
  • The S16 turning around in Herrliberg-Feldmeilen is being suspended due to the S20.