Winterthur – Bauma – Rüti


In the Tösstal the extension of the S-Bahn line from Zurich via Stadelhofen as well as the ½-h interval to Rüti is being implemented.

Overview of the service with 4. partial expansion

Overview of the service with 4. partial expansion
Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S11 (Aarau/Dietikon – Zurich main station – Stadelhofen –)
New, integrally running line, today Zürich Hardbrücke – Winterthur only during peak hours
Dec 2018
Winterthur – Sennhof-Kyburg – Wila Now as a replacement for the S12, to Sennhof-Kyburg (during peak hours to Wila) instead of up to Seen, without a stop in Rikon and Rämismühle-Zell
S26 Winterthur – Bauma
Now with an exact ½-h interval
Dec 2018
Bauma – Rüti Now with a ½-h interval instead of hourly
  • A cross-link in Winterthur in the direction of Schaffhausen/Wil can be realised better with the S12 than the S11. Today's branches with the S12 towards Seuzach and Seen are therefore exchanged with the S11. The running position of the S11 permits a faster extension via Seen up to Wila.

Infrastructure extensions

No. Route/Place Measures
1 Winterthur Seen Extension platform 2, signal box adjustments
2 Sennhof-Kyburg Addition to the crossing station
3 Saland Addition to the crossing station
4 Tann-Dürnten Addition to the crossing station
  • Introducing a continuous ½-h interval in the Tösstal requires building different crossing stations with level-free pedestrian crossings.