Zürich – Oberglatt – Schaffhausen/Niederweningen


In the Unterland the S-Bahn offer has been improved significantly. Implementing the ¼-h- interval up to Oberglatt by introducing a second line (S15) requires the exchange of S-Bahn lines in the Unterland and in the Knonauer Amt.

Overview of service with 4. partial expansion

Zurich – Oberglatt – Schaffhausen

Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
(Uster – Stadelhofen –)
As at present
S15 (Rapperswil – Stadelhofen –) S9 as a replacement of the present S5, which now links the Oberland with the Knonauer Amt Dec 2015
Zurich – Oberglatt S15 as an additinal line in the ½-h interval, S9 and S15 in the ¼-h interval
S9 Oberglatt – Rafz
Now S9 instead of S5 and half-hourly, S22 Bülach – Rafz – Schaffhausen suspended

Dec 2015
Rafz – Schaffhausen Now S9 instead of S22 in hourly intervals and in HVZ half-hourly, direct connection from Lottstetten and Jestetten to Zurich main station thanks to cross-link in Bülach or Rafz
S3 (Wetzikon – Zurich main station –) Zürich Hardbrücke – Bülach In HVZ in ½-h interval extended as a faster line Dec 2018
  • Connetion Unterland (north of Oberglatt) – Oberland only up to Uster without having to change. The service of the S41 Winterthur – Bülach – Bad Zurzach – Koblenz – Waldshut is not affected by the 4. partial expansion.
  • In the context of the agglomeration programme "Schaffhausen plus" a new stop Neuhausen Rheinfall is planned as of December 2015 as well as consolidation of the service between Jestetten and Singen (S-Bahn Schaffhausen).

Zurich – Oberglatt – Niederweningen

With the 4. partial expansino the solution involving the Shuttle Oberglatt – Niederweningen (S55) is replaced by a real ½-h interval.

Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S15 Oberglatt – Niederweningen S15 in ½-h interval as a replacement of the der S5/S55, longer trains (300m), half-hourly without changing from Zurich to the Wehntal, now a tighter connection Wehntal – Bülach Dec 2015
  • No ideal connection from Wehntal to long-distance connections at Zurich main station.

Infrastructure extensions

Zurich – Oberglatt – Schaffhausen

Zurich – Oberglatt – Schaffhausen
No. Route/Place Measures
1 Neuhausen – Schaffhausen Track change and block section
  • The double track extensions between Hüntwangen-Wil and Rafz as well as between Jestetten Süd and the Fischerhölzlitunnel before Neuhausen (incl. extension of the train station Lottstetten) are carried out in the context of the HGV. They permit introducing a ½-h interval Zürich – Schaffhausen in long-distance traffic from December 2012.
  • The service and infrastructure planning in the Schaffhausen region is being carried out via the agglomeration programme Schaffhausen and for the Seelinie in the context of of service perspectives and development (AP) East 1. partial expansion.

Zurich – Oberglatt – Niederweningen

Zurich – Oberglatt – Niederweningen
No. Route/Place Measures
2 Niederhasli – Niederweningen Platform extension to 320 m length
  • In the Wehntal the introduction of longer trains requires the extension of platforms from the stations Niederhasli to Niederweningen.