Zurich – Oerlikon/Stadelhofen – Effretikon – Winterthur/Wetzikon


The connection Zurich – Winterthur is divided into several passages. From Zurich there are three routes via Käferbergtunnel, Wipkingertunnel and cross-city line to Oerlikon and from there three routes via the airport, Kloten or Wallisellen to Effretikon. In Dietlikon the route via Wallisellen merges with the Zürichberg line via Stadelhofen. From Effretikon to Winterthur there is only one route.

Thanks to distribution into several routes places such as Dietlikon, Effretikon and Winterthur can be alternatively serviced via Oerlikon or Stadelhofen.

Overview of services with 4. partial expansion

Zurich – Oerlikon – Airport / Kloten – Effretikon – Winterthur

The airport is serviced by a third S-Bahn line (S24) from Zug.

Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S2 (Ziegelbrücke – Pfäffikon SZ –)
In a new travel position
Zurich main station – Oerlikon Travel time saved via cross-city link: 5 minutes June 2014
Oerlikon – Flughafen Only up to the airport instead of up to Effretikon June 2014
S16 (Herrliberg-Feldmeilen –)
As at present
Zurich main station – Oerlikon – Flughafen Only up to airport instead of hourly via Winterthur, Schaffhausen to Thayngen as presently Dec 2015
S24 (Zug – Thalwil – Zurich main station)
Presently from Horgen Oberdorf
June 2014
Zurich main station (Halle) – Oerlikon – New line via Wipkingen June 2014
Flughafen – Effretikon – Replacement of the present S2 and S16, half-hourly Dec 2015
Winterthur (– Thayngen) To Thayngen hourly instead of S16 as at present Dec 2015
Winterthur (– Weinfelden) To Weinfelden hourly instead of S8 as at present Dec 2018
S7 (Rapperswil – Meilen – Zurich)
Faster line than at present
Zurich main station – Oerlikon – Kloten –
Effretikon – Winterthur
As at present
  • Wipkingen is now serviced two times per hour with the S24 instead of six times with the S2, S8 and S14.
  • The three S-Bahn lines to the airport and an hourly InterRegio (IR) run from Oerlikon shortly after one another.
  • From Limmattal there is no direct S-Bahn line to the airport. Dietikon – Flughafen with long-distance ("flying train") every hour. 
  • The connection Airport – Effretikon is now serviced two instead of three times per hour.

Zurich – Oerlikon – Wallisellen – Effretikon – Winterthur

The service between Zurich and Effretikon via Oerlikon is now enhanced by the new line S19, which runs up to Pfäffikon ZH during peak hours.

Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S8 (Pfäffikon SZ – Zurich main station)
In a new travel position
Zurich main station – Oerlikon Travel time saved via cross-city link: 5 minutes June 2014
Oerlikon – Wallisellen –
Effretikon – Winterthur
Up to Winterthur instead of hourly up to Weinfelden as at present Dec 2018
S19 (Dietikon –) Zurich main station
New, faster line stopping only at Altstetten
Dec 2015
Zurich main station – Oerlikon New line via cross-city link
Oerlikon – Effretikon New line, stopping at all stations
Effretikon – Pfäffikon ZH Only in HVZ, thereby from Pfäffikon ZH one connection each via Oerlikon or via Stadelhofen to Zurich main station, 10-/20-min. intervals with S3, in Effretikon tight connection from the airport via S24
  • The S8 and the S19 run between Oerlikon and Effretikon in 4-min. gaps.
  • The IR13 and IC5 are now stopping in Zurich Oerlikon. Together with the S8, new quarter-hourly connections between Winterthur and Zurich Oerlikon are possible.

Zurich – Stadelhofen – Effretikon – Winterthur / Wetzikon

The connection Dietikon – Winterthur via Stadelhofen is enhanced by the S11 running full-day, which gives a ¼-h interval with the S12.

The services of the S11 und S12 are enhanced by the S23 which runs with ½-h interval during peak hours.

Line Route Changes compared to 2008 Implementation
S11 (Aarau/Dietikon –) Zurich main station
Now full-day operational line (presently between Zürich Altstetten/Hardbrücke and Winterthur – Schaffhausen / Romanshorn / Wil only in HVZ)
Dec 2018
Stadelhofen – Winterthur Only stops at Stettbach as presently, travel time 16 instead of 18 minutes; in the opposite direction 15 instead of 21 minutes
Winterthur (– Seuzach/Wila) Instead of S12 Seuzach/Seen
S12 (Brugg –) Zurich main station –
As at present
Stadelhofen – Winterthur Dietikon – Winterthur ¼-h interval with S11  
Winterthur (– Schaffhausen/
New every hour, replaces an S33 or S35 each Dec 2018
S3 (Bülach – Hardbrücke –)
Instead of from Aarau/Dietikon as at present (replacement by S11)

Dec 2018
  Zurich main station – Stadelhofen –
Effretikon – Wetzikon
As at present

Infrastructure extensions

The section Oerlikon – Winterthur is one of the most used train routes in Switzerland. Extensions are necessary both for the ZEB as well as the S-Bahn.

Zurich – Oerlikon – Effretikon – Winterthur

Zurich – Oerlikon – Effretikon – Winterthur
No. Route/Place Measures
1 Oerlikon – Winterthur Signalling facilities to shorten the signal headway and airport track changes
2 Kloten – Dorfnest Double track extension and Dorfnest overpass
3 Hürlistein – Effretikon 4. platform and Effretikon Nordkopf and Hürlistein (HGV) overpass
4 Kemptthal, Tössmühle Spurwechsel
5 Tössmühle – Winterthur 4. platform
6 Winterthur Performance increase (adjustment Südkopf,
lengthening of platform 1/2,
extension of pedestrian subway North)
7 Winterthur Track changes East (Schwalmenacker)

Effretikon – Wetzikon

Effretikon – Wetzikon
No. Route/Place Measures
8 Illnau Station extension
9 Pfäffikon ZH Station extension