Hardbrücke tram connection

Trams will soon also be running over Hardbrücke: The new tram route will connect Hardplatz with Escher-Wyss-Platz. This will give the important S-Bahn station Hardbrücke an optimal tram connection.

At the end of 2017 tram line 8 will be extended from Hardplatz via Hardbrücke to Hardbrücke station and then via Escher-Wyss-Platz to Hardturm. Zurich West and Hardturmstrasse will then be directly connected with Stauffacher and Paradeplatz. These direct connections will lead to shorter travel times due to fewer changes. Furthermore, other tram lines around the Hauptbahnhof will be relieved due to better connections between the S-Bahn and the city tram network. 

Visualising a tram stopping on Hardbrücke at the station "Bahnhof Hardbrücke".

Hardbrücke station on the tram network

The Hardbrücke tram connection means that Hardbrücke station will also be connected to the tram network. The S-Bahn station is one of the most important transfer hubs in the city. Due to the dynamic development of housing in Zürich-West and the growing commuter traffic generally, passenger numbers in the station will double from 45,000 people per day in the long term. In order to accommodate the growing number of passengers, the capacity provided through buses is no longer enough. A tram line linking Hardbrücke station with the tram network at a short distance provides a solution and also improves the transfer situation at this important public transport hub.

Traffic regime

Private transport will continue to flow on Hardbrücke thanks to the combined bus and tram lanes, which mean there will still be the same number of lanes for motorised private transport following construction of the Hardbrücke tram link as there are today. Coordination of traffic lights will ensure an optimised flow of traffic without additional waiting times for motorists, as has been shown by the traffic simulations carried out. The traffic routing will be changed at the Pfingstweid-/Hardstrasse hub.

Videoclip: Visualisation of the Hardbrücke tram connection

Costs and financing

The total costs for the Hardbrücke tram connection amount to 101.2 million Swiss francs. Capacity-increasing measures at Hardbrücke station (additional staircases and larger and completely covered waiting areas at bridge level) are estimated to cost an additional 28.4 million Swiss francs. The Canton of Zurich is financing the main part of the project (approximately 76 million Swiss francs). The federal government is contributing 45 million Swiss francs as part of its agglomeration programme, and the contribution made by the City of Zurich is 8 million Swiss francs. Furthermore, the City is providing 7 million Swiss francs to finance plant management and commercial areas.


On 30 November 2014 the voters of the Canton of Zurich clearly approved of the project at the ballot boxes with 66 per cent voting 'yes'. The construction work could therefore start in May 2015. The management of the construction was handed over to the City of Zurich Civil Engineering Office. Launch is due at the next timetable change in December 2017.

Project organisation

The Hardbrücke tram connection is a joint project between the City and Canton of Zurich. The entire project is being managed by the transport services and the City of Zurich Civil Engineering Office as well as the Zurich Transport Network and the Office of Transport of the Department for Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zurich

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