The Transport Council

The nine-strong Transport Council of the Zurich Transport Network is responsible for business and budget management for the ZVV. The Council comprises representatives of the Canton, the cities of Zurich and Winterthur, the municipalities, the SBB and the federation.

Within the scope of credit arrangements approved by the Cantonal Council, the Transport Council is responsible for delivering a coordinated, freely accessible transport network based on business principles and offering a standard fare structure. It is accountable for business and budget management on behalf of the ZVV Transport Network. The Transport Council rules on all business activity which has a bearing on the activity of the Transport Network and which is not expressly the preserve of the Governing Council or its directorates.

(Business Regulations of the Transport Network of the Canton of Zurich, 11th September 1990)


Steering Committee

  • Carmen Walker Späh, Member of the Governing Council


  • Hansruedi Bachmann, Cantonal representative
  • Raphael Golta, Former city councillor for Zurich
  • Barbara Günthard-Maier, City councillor for Winterthur
  • Martin Farner, Mayor of Oberstammheim
  • Victor Gähwiler, Mayor of Uitikon
  • Wilfried Ott, Mayor of Fehraltorf
  • Petra Breuer, Representative of the Federal Office of Transport
  • Nicolas Germanier, Representative of SBB