Who we are

The ZVV is the largest public transport association in Switzerland. It performs integrated strategic planning while coordinating, marketing and financing public transport in the Canton of Zurich.

Every year, the ZVV carries more than 670 million passengers. The ZVV itself is not operationally active: transport services are provided solely by its transport companies. 65 per cent of the ZVV's annual expenditure is covered by ticket revenue and secondary sources of income. Of the remaining costs, half is met by the Canton of Zurich and half by the 162 municipalities of the Canton.

The ZVV brings together more than 30 transport companies under one roof. To promote efficient cooperation, the network area is divided into eight market regions with eight transport companies responsible for those markets.

The transport companies ensure that regional operations proceed smoothly, timetables are maintained and budget guidelines are observed. Subordinate to these companies are small and medium-sized transport businesses with concessions and transport service providers that are primarily responsible for providing services on specific routes. This organisational form, whereby strategic and operational tasks are separated, has proved to be economically viable, efficient and customer friendly.