Protection concept and obligation to wear masks

Since 6 July 2020, all passengers on public transport have to wear a protective mask. The mask obligation also applies to all trains, trams, buses, ships and mountain railways in the ZVV. Its purpose is to protect fellow passengers, staff and each individual passenger himself. The passengers themselves are responsible for the procurement of masks. The ZVV night network remains out of service until further notice.

Due to the development of new coronavirus infections, the Federal Council has decided to introduce an obligation of wearing masks in public transport as of 6 July 2020. This applies until further notice and in all means of public transport. The only exceptions to the obligation are children up to the age of 12 and persons who are not allowed to wear a mask for medical reasons. For safety reasons, the driving staff do not wear a mask in the driver's cabs. Find out more about the recommended types of masks.

The protection concept for public transport will be supplemented accordingly with the comments on the obligation of wearing masks. Please continue to comply with the federal hygiene regulations.

  • If possible, avoid morning and evening commuting times and use less busy connections instead.
  • Keep your distance to other people.
  • Distribute yourself as well as possible at stops and in vehicles. Keep a distance when getting on and off. It is recommended to form an alley and leaving space for the people getting off. 
  • Buy your tickets electronically in the ticket shop or in the ZVV ticket app. It is also advisable to make contactless payments at counters and ticket machines.
  • The transport companies clean the vehicles and especially the contact surfaces regularly.

The supply of protective masks is the responsibility of the passengers themselves. Employees in contact with customers will draw the attention of passengers not wearing masks to the obligation to wear masks.

Regular timetable with few exceptions

Most of the ZVV services run according to the regular timetable. There are a few exceptions: For example, the relief suburban railways (S20, S21 and S23) currently only offer individual courses during rush hours. The ZVV night network remains out of service until further notice.

You can find further information from the respective transport companies.

ZVV customer service

Our customer service ZVV-Contact is available to answer your questions. ZVV-Contact can be contacted by e-mail to or by telephone on 0848 988 988 (daily from 6-22 o'clock).