Our handiest ticket machine: The ZVV ticket app allows you to buy single tickets, day passes and multiple tickets for the ZVV and Z-Pass networks as well as for all national connections in no time with your smartphone. Quickly, flexibly and on time before boarding.

No queuing or searching for coins: with the ZVV ticket app you have your own ticket machine at your service at all times. It is quick, intuitive and straightforward to use. Apart from storing the payment method, no registration is required.

As with a real ticket machine, your tickets are valid starting from the time of purchase and they are immediately visible in the app. You can buy tickets for up to eight passengers.

Ticket options on sale

  • Single tickets, day passes and class upgrades for all connections in the ZVV and Z-Pass area
  • ZVV short-distance tickets and local network tickets
  • ZVV zone upgrades
  • ZVV 9 o'clock pass
  • Night supplement
All listed products (excluding ZVV zone upgrades) are also available as multiple tickets with a 10% discount. These multiple tickets have no expiry date.

Furthermore you can buy the following personal and non transferable tickets for national connections:
  • sector tickets
  • city tickets
  • Half-Fare day tickets
  • bike day passes
  • childern day passes
Screenshot of the ZVV ticket app
Screenshot of the ZVV ticket app


«ZVV-Tickets» also includes the following functions:

  • You can purchase the most frequently bought and your personal favourites on the homepage
  • The app automatically determines your departure using the localisation function
  • You can quickly find your desired destination by choosing «Search for destinations» electing your individual route by entering the location via which you wish to travel
  • You can select the ticket preference (discount/class) used most recently
  • You can automatically search for the best tariff from your place of departure to your destination
  • You can pay securely using the password option You can request an email receipt after every ticket purchase
Video about the ZVV ticket app (in German)

«ZVV-Tickets» is available for free on iOS and Android phones. It does not work on tablets.




The answers to the most frequently asked questions about using the ZVV ticket app can be found here (only in German)


The General Terms and Conditions of the ZVV ticket app can be viewed here (only in German).