ZVV ticket app

Our handiest ticket machines: with the ZVV ticket app, you can buy travelcards and tickets in an instant with your mobile phone. Ticket inspections are then as simple as showing a QR code.

With the ticket app, you always have your ticket machine along for the ride. You can use the app to buy single tickets, multiple-journey passes and ZVV and Z-Pass travelcards, as well as tickets for travel all around Switzerland.

Check-in tickets

The simplest way to purchase tickets in the app: all you have to do is check in before the journey and check out afterwards – and that’s it. The app then calculates the correct price. Find out more about the check-in feature here.

Single tickets, day passes and multiple-journey passes

Fast and uncomplicated: with the ticket app, you can purchase tickets for single journeys or day passes on the spot. Multiple-journey tickets are also available in the app. You can manually adjust the validity start of the digital tickets before you purchase them. You can also enter your SwissPass (e.g. with half-fare card) in the app so that it is automatically applied when you buy tickets. Learn more here.

Travelcard in the app

You can also buy or renew your personal ZVV pass or Z-Pass directly in the app. All you need is an existing pass SwissPass, which you can link in the app. For ticket inspections, the travelcard can be shown directly in the app.

‘ZVV-Tickets’ is available free of charge for iOS and Android mobile phones. It does not work on tablets.

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FAQs about buying tickets (only in German).
FAQs about buying travelcards (only in German).


The General Terms and Conditions e-tickets are available here.

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