The pocket-sized ticket machine: with the ZVV ticket app, you can buy single tickets and multiple-journey tickets on the spot. Quickly, flexibly and just-in-time before boarding. 

No queueing, no frenzied search for coins: with the ZVV ticket app, you always have your ticket machine along for the ride. It’s fast, intuitive and straightforward to use. To get started, all you need to do is register and save a payment method.

You can manually adjust the validity start of the tickets before you purchase them. The tickets will then be displayed in the app. You can also buy tickets for up to eight fellow passengers.

Ticket options

  • Single tickets, day passes and class changes for all connections in the ZVV and Z-Pass zones
  • Personal annual and monthly ZVV and Z-Pass travelcards
  •  ZVV short-distance and local network tickets 
  • ZVV connecting tickets
  • ZVV 9 O’Clock Pass
  • Night supplement

All listed articles (excl. travelcards and ZVV connecting tickets) are also available as multiple-journey tickets.

Short video about the ZVV ticket app (german)

The ‘ZVV-Tickets’ app is available free of charge for iOS and Android mobile phones. It does not work on tablets.



FAQs about buying tickets (only in German).
FAQs about buying travelcards (only in German). 


The General Terms and Conditions of e-tickets can be viewed here (only in German).