ZVV timetable app

The public transport timetable in your pocket: The ZVV timetable app shows you the fastest connections or the next departures from the stops in your area. Just download the app and get ahead. The app can be used throughout Switzerland.

With the ZVV timetable app, you always have your personal timetable with you. You only need a few steps to display your connection from A to B. Timetables for the whole of Switzerland are integrated in the app. So you can also use the app for a longer journey or in another swiss city.

Real-time information

The timetable information in the app takes into account the current traffic situation at all times. In your selected connection, you will be shown whether the means of transport are on time or not. If a connection is no longer possible due to a delay, you will be shown alternative routes.

Push messages

If you often travel on the same lines, it is advisable to subscribe to individual lines. This way you will always be up to date. You will receive a push message if something does not go according to plan on a subscribed line.

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Data protection

More information about the protection of your privacy and the data that the ZVV timetable app uses can be found here.