ZVV timetable app: Data protection regulations

Here we clarify what information is collected when you use the ZVV timetable app and how that data is used.

ZVV does not collect personal data relating to users of the app.

You can allow the app to access your location via GPS. This will enable you to search for connections from your current location (including how to reach public transport stops in the vicinity on foot) and see your location on the map.

You can allow the app to access your contacts so that you can easily define contact addresses as your start or destination point when searching for a connection. You can also allow the app to access your calendar so that connections can be exported to the calendar.

You may change the access settings on your device at any time.

You can also make use of push services: anonymous device identification is stored on the server so that information you subscribe to can be sent to your device. You may cancel the push service via subscription management for the app at any time.