Check-in ticket: limitations

The check-in ticket is a new feature of the ZVV ticket app. This means occasional irregularities may still occur. Some limitations are known. Please take these into account when using the check-in feature.

ZVV day pass

In the case of two or more single journeys within the same zones, a check-in day pass is charged. This is limited to one calendar day (valid until 5:00 am the following day) and is therefore 10% cheaper than the 24-hour ticket from ZVV. The 24-hour ticket is not available as a check-in ticket as the billing for check-in tickets is calculated by the day. The price overview is available here.

ZVV 9 O’Clock day pass

9 O’Clock day passes are only charged for connections that begin at or after 9:00 am according to the timetable. For journeys that begin before 9:00 am according to the timetable but which actually begin after 9:00 am due to a delay are not covered by the 9 O’Clock day pass.

Albis day pass

The Albis day pass has not yet been implemented.

Special rates

Single journeys with the Polybahn and the Horgen–Meilen ferry are charged according to the normal ZVV zone rate.

Class changes

Class changes have not yet been implemented. The customer must specify the class in which they wish to travel when checking in. The billing process does not automatically take into account whether there is no first class available on the form of transport (e.g. tram or bus).
Please also note the following: if a passenger has already travelled in second class in one zone, checks out and then checks back in in first class, a first-class ticket is charged for the current zone and the following zones. This also applies in cases in which the passenger has stored a second-class travelcard: in this case, too, the passenger will not be charged a class change but rather a complete first-class ticket.

SBB supersaver tickets

SBB supersaver tickets are not yet available through this channel. Their offers vary depending on availability.

Price optimisation

In the context of the national market test, price optimisation is only applied on a daily basis. This is the practice throughout the industry. This means that no monthly travelcard is charged if the billed price total in a month is higher than that of a monthly travelcard. The same applies in the case of multiple-journey tickets. In the current phase, the check-in feature is primarily targeted at passengers who only occasionally use public transport.

Single journey within the ZVV network lasting over two hours

In exceptional cases, a regular single ticket is valid for more than two hours. This applies in the event that the fastest possible seamless connection from one point of embarkation to the destination within the ZVV network takes longer than two hours. These exceptional cases cannot be handled by the check-in feature and it therefore charges a day pass although the applicable rate is a single journey. In this case the customer can request reimbursement from customer service.