Smart commuting

Clever travellers enjoy a more relaxed journey. The following information will help you get around the ZVV network comfortably and safely.

1st Tip: Get on and off quickly.

The less time an S-Bahn train spends at a station, the more likely it is to be punctual. You should therefore make your way to the exit door in good time and get out quickly. When boarding a train, leave plenty of space for other passengers to get off first.

2nd Tip: Spread out on the platform.

To prevent crowds forming around train entrances, move to quieter sectors of the platform before your S-Bahn arrives. Note that sectors are labelled (i.e. from A to D).

3rd Tip: Use additional trains.

At peak times we run additional S-Bahn trains on a number of routes. You will usually find a free seat on these services. If possible, use these alternatives; for timetables, please refer to Clever commuting timetables (PDF, 1.1 MB, in German). Extra trains are indicated with an S and no route number.

4. Tip: Do not stand or sit on boarding platforms and staircases.

Boarding is much faster and smoother when you proceed directly into the train interior and refrain from sitting or standing on boarding platforms and staircases. Seats inside the cars have handles that you can hold onto.

5. Tip: Use the newspaper baskets and waste bins.

Help to make the journey more comfortable by not leaving newspapers and waste in the train interior. Please place newspapers in the large newspaper collectors and put waste in the large waste bins on boarding platforms. Thank you for your cooperation.

6. Tip: Do not leave bags unattended in stations or trains.

It is well known that opportunity encourages theft. Don't give light-fingered individuals a chance: keep an eye on your bags and valuables at all times.

7. Tip: The Security Service: keeping the tracks secure and orderly

Our Security Service staff are working for you day and night. They are present in stations and trains to advise passengers and ensure their safety. The Security Service also reminds disruptive passengers of the rules of conduct in trains and station areas. Wilful damage and aggression within trains, which impairs the comfort of fellow passengers, invariably results in penalties. If you witness an incident, stay calm and if necessary notify the SBB Police on 0800 117 117.
For more information on secure travel, please click here.