Together is better than against one another, even when travelling. Here are a few tips on how to make travel more respectful during commuting times.  

Showing respect is a good move.

Offering passengers security, cleanliness and a pleasant journey every time is very important to our transport partners – and you can play your part by respecting the following rules.

No smoking

All carriages are non-smoking. We request that you comply with this rule, and thank you for your cooperation.


All travellers are entitled to a clean seat. For this reason, please do not make seats dirty by putting your shoes on them.

Travel in the right class

Please make sure you travel in the carriage class for which your ticket is valid.

Food and drink

Food and drink are allowed in all trains. However, we ask you to show consideration to fellow passengers by disposing of any waste in the containers provided.


Playing music, being loud, making performances and begging disturb many passengers. Avoiding such behaviour makes for a more pleasant journey.