Safe money

Travelcards and day passes: with the right ticket you can travel cheaply in the ZVV network.

Looking for comfortable, good value travel in the ZVV region? Here's what you need to know in brief:


NetworkPass is a ZVV travelcard, available in monthly and annual format. The NetworkPass represents good value for anyone making just three or four journeys per week.

Annual travelcard

The annual ZVV NetworkPass travelcard is particularly advantageous: buy once and enjoy convenient travel for a whole year. You save 25% with this card: in other words, pay for just 9 months and travel for 12 months.

Day pass

A ZVV day pass costs the same as two single tickets, but is valid for 24 hours. You can therefore use the same day pass to visit the cinema in the afternoon and meet friends for coffee next morning – provided all journeys are made in your specified zones.

9 O'Clock Pass

The ZVV 9 O'Clock Pass promises maximum enjoyment at minimal cost: the ideal ticket for days out. It is valid across the ZVV region from Monday to Friday after 9am (until 5am on the following day); on Saturdays and Sundays it is valid all day. The 9 O'Clock Pass is also available as a multiple ticket (with six validations) and as a monthly and annual travelcard.