Safety in the ZVV network

You should always feel safe on public transport. Here you will find out what the ZVV is doing to make sure that doesn't change. Below you will find information and telephone numbers in case you feel unwell or get into an emergency situation.

The S-Bahn

  • Transport police emergency number: 0800 117 117
  • Use the emergency intercoms in the entrance areas of carriages.
  • When travelling on the nighttime network, contact the Security Service
  • All nighttime S-Bahn trains are staffed.

Bus and tram

  • Contact the driver.
  • Police emergency number: 117
  • If you feel unsafe, choose a seat near to the driver.

Please help us.

  • Stay alert.
  • Raise the alarm.
  • Do not put yourself in danger.
  • File criminal charges in case of assault or theft.
  • Put yourself forward as a witness if you see an incident.

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