Travelling with a bicycle

You can also take your bicycle on public transport. When doing so, please observe the advice and tips below.

You are allowed to transport a bicycle on most lines in the ZVV network provided it is not dirty and there is enough space in the carriage. Please note, however, that the ZVV is not obliged to carry bicycles. Passengers are responsible for loading, unloading and transferring their bicycles.

Ticket requirement

You must have a ticket for your bicycle. For full regulations and prices, please click here.

Restrictions and bans on bicycles

You can find more information about the restrictions and bans on bicycles in public transport for specific transportation companies and lines here

A family pushing their bicycles onto the S-Bahn.

Taking bicycles on the S-Bahn

The double-deck carriages and Regio-Dosto trains of the SBB, the articulated railcars of Thurbo AG and SOB FLIRT trains have designated spaces for bicycles. Please look for the bicycle symbols on the doors.

Taking bicycles on the tram

If you get on the last carriage of a tram, there will usually be enough room for your bicycle.

Taking bicycles on the bus

The second door from the front of a bus is usually best: As a rule, you will find enough space to accommodate your bicycle.