Corporate monitors: terms of use

A corporate customer may use the data feed made available by the ZVV including real-time information, provided that the terms of use are observed. Noncompliance can lead to immediate cancellation of the data feed.

  1. The ZVV does not offer IT support. The corporate customer is responsible for procuring, installing and operating the following technical hardware and software components that are set up on the company premises:
    • Monitor(s): industry monitor or commercially available monitor
    • PC: with operational system permitting 24h modus
    • Internet browser: Firefox, Safari or IE 8 upwards
    • Internet connection: performance-capable DSL connection
  2. Timetable information may be used exclusively for non-commercial purposes as well as for information purposes. Reproducing (wholly or partially), transferring (by electronic or other means), changing, linking or using the timetable information for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  3. The area in which the ZVV data feed is displayed shall not violate legal provisions, official regulations or legal prohibitions and it shall not be incompatible with the reputation of the ZVV. 
  4. The corporate monitor should not violate the ZVV brand or the legal provisions concerning brand and competition.
  5. The ZVV makes the data feed available as HTML. The HTML feed must be displayed in unchanged and complete form (incl. layout, colours, fonts, ZVV logo, etc.)
  6. The HTML feed can be combined either simultaneously or in a rotation modus ("loop") with other graphic elements, provided that the terms of this policy are not violated. Example: frame with your company logo, weather feed, advertising.
  7. The ZVV reserves the right to refuse activation or interrupt the delivery of the data feed if any provision of this policy is not observed.
  8. The corporate customer undertakes to inform and seek early approval from the ZVV concerning adjustments to the design.

The ZVV reserves the right to change these provisions at any time without prior announcement. No legal claim concerning the services described may be asserted.

Zurich Transport Network, 2012