What is a Z-Pass?

The Zurich Transport Network, the neighbouring tarif networks A-Welle, OSTWIND, Schwyz and Zug as well as the SBB are associated under the one network for Zurich's economic and residential space. This network is called Z-Pass. It means one can buy tickets to combine zones between the ZVV and a neighbouring network.

As a monthly and annual travelcard the Z-Pass has been available as an individual ticket since the end of 2012. Thanks to this addition, the advantages of the present Z-Pass travelcard network are extended to individual passengers.

The innovation is that the ticket is purchased for the zones required and not for the route from A to B. In this way the passenger can travel by train, bus, tram and even by ship in Zurich. This makes travel easier, more comfortable and varied between the surrounding Cantons and the Zurich Transport Network.

The price is based on the zones chosen. The zones 110 (City of Zurich) and 120 (City of Winterthur) count double, as the public transport network here is much more dense.

You can find more information about the Z-Pass at www.z-pass.ch or your sales office.