ZVV Journey of Discovery

Discover the Canton of Zurich with your students. ZVV Journey of Discovery is a teaching aid that shows children how to get around independently by train, bus, tram and boat.

The first step is to plan the journey. In the theoretical section, the schoolchildren draw up their own itineraries step by step using a notebook with original illustrations. In doing so, they learn:

  • How to choose a destination 
  • How to read network maps and timetables
  • How to buy a ticket
  • Tips and tricks on using public transport
  • Safe and proper conduct on public transport
Two school children practising how to read the station plan

Ready to go

The planned journey is undertaken by groups or the entire class. You decide whether or not groups are accompanied. For this purpose, the ZVV provides free day passes for all zones: an order form is enclosed with the teaching aid.

A wide range of task cards completes the offer. By choosing suitable tasks and assigning these to the schoolchildren, they learn to get their bearings on public transport and acquire information.

One classroom set contains:

  • 25 notebooks (A5, 24 pages) with itineraries
  • 1 card index box with 2 x 34 task cards
  • 1 poster entitled «Places to discover»
  • 25 ZVV route network maps
  • 1 brochure entitled «Tickets and prices»
  • Voucher for ZVV day passes


Price: CHF 49


Tel. 052 364 1800