Symbols for barrier-free access

In the online timetable, the following symbols provide more information on the barrier-free nature of a connection.

Meaning of the symbols

Pictogram of a wheelchair-user

Independent boarding/alighting

You can board and alight independently on this connection.


Pictogram of a wheelchair-user in brackets
Barrier-free with restrictions

Board/alight with crew assistance

Please contact the transport or service staff directly to request assistance.

Pictogram with a wheel-chair user with a square border
Advance notification required

Board/alight with staff assistance, register in advance

You require boarding/alighting assistance for this connection. Please register on or with the Contact Center Handicap at least one hour before your train departs.

By shuttle to the accessible stop, register in advance

You will need a shuttle for this connection. Please register with the Contact Center Handicap at least two hours before your train departs.

Crossed out pictogram of a wheel-chair user
Not barrier-free

Connection not wheelchair accessible

This connection is not wheelchair accessible. There may be an accessible boarding/alighting location nearby. Obtain information from the Contact Center Handicap.

Pictogram of a question mark
No information available

No information available

Reliable information cannot be provided for connections that are more than 21 days in the future. Please repeat your query at a later date.


The symbols in the connection info indicate the status of the procedure for getting on and off. The following is taken into account: Accessibility of the station (ramp or lift), suitability of the platform or station edge (height, width) and the vehicle deployed on the desired route (low-floor vehicle).


In the function «Barrier-free travel» all SBB stations and the stations of all other vehicles in the ZVV territory can be called up. Details about the tram and bus stops are currently available only for the territory of the Canton of Zurich. The details about the bus stops are not entirely complete presently.


The information is based on timetable data. Therefore it is possible that other vehicle types (e.g. without low-floor access) are used in the event of operational disruptions.

Barrier-free access

Unfortunately partial elevations cannot be indicated for train stations – i.e. platforms which do not offer barrier-free getting on and off on their entire length. The SBB Call Center Handicap will be glad to help you with any questions.

Bus and tram stops usually have more than one station edge (one station edge per direction). If a stop has different disability-friendly station edges, for example in direction 1 barrier-free access, whereas no barrier-free access in direction 2, the entire stop is marked as not barrier-free (i.e. the unfavourable case counts). If several vehicles run from the same stop (e.g. tram and bus), the accessibility is indicated according to each vehicle.


If you find any discrepancies concerning the information given and the actual situation, we kindly request you to notify the Customer Service ZVV Contact by including the details of the stop, the route used and, if possible, a photograph of the stop.

Contact details

If you have any questions about how to use the function «Barrier-free travel» please contact ZVV Contact, Tel. 0800 988 988.

The SBB Call Center Handicap can be reached daily from 6am–10.30pm at Tel. 0800 007 102 (from abroad +41 51 225 78 44, with costs) or by e-mail at