4-quadrant modus

The «4-quadrant»-function on the ticket machine was developed specially for persons with visual impairment. In the 4-quadrant modus the
ZVV-machines display the tickets with the most sales in the four corners of the screen in an amplified font.

The 4-quadrant modus displays those four tickets which have been sold most at the location concerned, in an amplified shape in four quadrants. Along with the 4-quadrant display, on request the text displayed is also announced via audio.


Switching to the 4-quadrant modus happens via three concealed buttons which are not visible on the user display, by touching which an action is executed.

  • Up left: Full-price sale
  • Up middle: Language selection
  • Up right: Reduced price sale

The desired display is activated by tapping the area concerned once.

Home display of the ZVV ticket machine showing the concealed buttons to activate the 4-quadrant modus
Home display with concealed buttons

Voice response

By tapping one of the areas twice, the same announcement is activated in an audio version. The voice response offers four languages (German, English, French, Italian).

Returning to the home display

All 4-quadrant screens have a stop button. Users can return to the home display by pressing it. Visually impaired persons can return to the home display by pressing any area of the screen for a longer time.

Payment screen in the 4-quadrant modus
Payment screen in the 4-quadrant modus

Payment procedure

The payment screen contains information about the ticket selected. To cancel the payment procedure, you can return to the previous screen by pressing the «return» button in the left lower corner or cancelling the 4-quadrant modus by pressing the «stop» button in the right lower corner.

The machine will guide you through the payment procedure and subsequently print the ticket. The payment procedure can also be accompanied by voice response.