Passengers with limited mobility

Where the step up onto a bus is too high or there's no lift at a station, travelling on public transport becomes a challenge for passengers with limited mobility. Low-floor vehicles and disabled-friendly transport stops allow people to travel without barriers.


Always with you: the ZVV app

When you're on the move, the ZVV timetable app keeps you informed to ensure barrier-free connections. For information on the Zurich S-Bahn and offers from the city of Zurich, please click here. In case of service disruptions, please call ZVV Contact on 0848 988 988 for up-to-date information on the deployment of low-floor vehicles.

Displays and announcements

The main tram and bus stops are fitted with dynamic departure boards. Low-floor vehicles are indicated by a wheelchair symbol. Passenger information is displayed and announced in virtually all vehicles.

Use the front entrance

When boarding a tram or bus, use the front entrance. This enables the driver to see you more clearly, open doors for longer and assist passengers as necessary. Please note that the front door is not suitable for wheelchair users. If you would like to board with your wheelchair independently, please use the third door on the tram and the second door on the bus (from the front).

Space for wheelchairs

Use the designated spaces for wheelchairs just inside the doors of low-floor vehicles; look for the indication symbols on the doors.

Press the wheelchair button

Press the blue wheelchair or pushchair button if you need more time or assistance with boarding and alighting.


At many bus stops, boarding a low-floor bus involves crossing a small step. To bridge the step, hinged and folding ramps will deploy at the second door from the front. Drivers will help passengers board and alight.