Visually impaired passengers

Where lettering is too small or contrast is too low, travelling on public transport becomes a challenge for visually impaired passengers. Special functions on ticket machines and disabled-friendly passenger information facilitates barrier-free travel.


Assistance at ticket machines

If you have difficulty buying a ticket from a ZVV ticket machine, you can call the ZVV Contact customer service line for assistance (daily 6am-10pm). The ticket machines can be operated remotely: for this service, please call the number shown on the machine and enter the machine code. These details are printed on ticket machines in raised lettering.

Special functions of ticket machines

The «4-Quadrant» function on ticket machines was specially developed for the visually impaired. In «4-Quadrant» mode, ZVV machines present the most popular tickets in the four corners of the screen in large lettering. You can also select voice output in this mode.

Online Ticketshop

You can buy ZVV tickets from the comfort of your home via our Ticketshop (in German); some ticket types can be printed out. You can also order ZVV tickets by calling ZVV Contact on 0848 988 988; tickets will be delivered to your address. You can use the ZVV ticket app (german only) or the SBB app to download your ZVV ticket to your mobile phone. Needless to say, you can also buy a ticket from a ticket counter, sales office or regional bus driver.

Tickets by telephone

Passengers who possess an identity card for passengers with a disability can buy network tickets over the phone by calling the SBB contact centre free on 0800 181 181. Tickets are available immediately.