Passengers with a disability


Disabled persons who are resident in Switzerland may travel with a companion and/or guide dog free of charge provided they hold the relevant identity card for passengers with a disability (available from District Offices). Either the passenger or the accompanying person must be in possession of a valid ticket.


Wheelchairs are carried free when the wheelchair user also travels.


For leisure travel, persons resident in the Canton of Zurich who have limited mobility that makes it impossible or very difficult for them to reach public transport stops or board vehicles may avail the services of the Zürcher Stiftung für Behindertentransporte (Zurich Foundation for Disabled Transport), provided they hold a relevant identity document. Within a radius of approximately 15 kilometres from their starting point, they can travel by taxi at a heavily reduced fare.

For persons who have reached the qualifying age for disability pension (IV), entitlement to claim is clarified by Pro Infirmis; for persons who have reached the qualifying age for the retirement pension (AHV), entitlement is clarified by Pro Senectute: 

  • Pro Infirmis
    Hohlstrasse 560
    8048 Zurich
    Tel. 058 775 2525
  • Pro Senectute
    Seefeldstrasse 94a
    8032 Zurich
    Tel. 058 451 5000 

For more information:

PO Box
8031 Zurich
Customer service line 044 278 9000



For more information and useful tips on barrier-free travel in the ZVV network, please click here.