9 O'Clock day pass

Those who use the ZVV network after peak morning hours can benefit from very cheap fares offering discounts of up to 46 per cent. It's also much easier to find a seat outside of peak times.

9 O'Clock day pass and multiple tickets (all zones)

9 O'Clock day pass and multiple tickets (all zones)
    Adult Child 6 – 16 / Half-Fare Travelcard
Validity in hours 2nd class CHF 1st class CHF 2nd class CHF 1st class CHF
Day pass from 9 am 26.00 42.80 13.00 21.40
Multiple ticket
(6 validations)
from 9 am 140.00 231.00 74.00 122.00

The ZVV 9 O'Clock day pass is valid Monday to Friday from 9am to 5am on the following day. On Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, the pass has unrestricted validity for the whole day*.


*Night supplement

To use the nighttime network you need an additional night supplement (CHF 5).

ZSG surcharge

On ZSG routes on Lake Zürich, the Obersee and the River Limmat you require a boat surcharge (CHF 5) in addition to a valid ticket.

Possible combinations

The 9 O'Clock Pass is highly family-friendly and may be combined with family discount options such as GA travelcards for young adults or Children's Co-travelcard.