Night supplement

The night supplement is no longer required as of 13 December 2020. A regular ticket is sufficient for the use of the ZVV night network.

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ZKB Nachtschwärmer

Holders of a ZKB young or ZKB student package travel free of charge throughout the ZVV network on Friday and Saturday nights from 7 pm onwards. The same applies to all other nights on which the ZVV night network is in service. The «ZKB Nachtschwärmer» can only be purchased via the «eBanking Mobile» app from the Zürcher Kantonalbank.

The purchased ZKB Nachtschwärmer is immediately displayed as an e-ticket in the app. Show the ZKB Nachtschwärmer and an official ID to the control staff on request.

For more information about the ZKB Nachtschwärmer click here (German only).

Downlad «eBanking Mobile» app 


Timetable and route network

To view nighttime routes for the entire transport network and the cities of Zurich and Winterthur, please click here.

Zurich and Winterthur

Tickets cannot be purchased in S-Bahn trains and buses serving the urban areas of Zurich and Winterthur.