Night supplement

The nighttime network enables you to travel by train and bus into the early hours of the morning on Friday and Saturday nights. To use the network, you will need to purchase an additional night supplement.

Two tickets are needed to use the ZVV nighttime network. They mus be purchased before travelling:

  1. A valid ZVV ticket for your journey
  2. A night supplement costing CHF 5.00

All lines subject to supplements are marked with an «N» and/or a «Z» in the online timetable. The vehicles are also marked with an «N» (e.g. SN7 instead of S7).

You can purchase a night supplement as follows:

The night supplement is also available as a multi-supplement card (CHF 27 for 6 supplements). No reduction for children, senior citizens, half-fare travelcard, seven25 or GA subscribers, military etc.

The night supplement is a standard supplement. In addition to the ZVV network, it is valid on seven other nighttime networks (A-Welle, Ostwind, Tarifverbund Zug, Tarifverbund Schwyz and Z-Pass as well as night trains running from Zurich to Lucerne).


Timetable and route network

To view nighttime routes for the entire transport network and the cities of Zurich and Winterthur, please click here.

Zurich and Winterthur

Tickets and night supplements cannot be purchased in S-Bahn trains and buses serving the urban areas of Zurich and Winterthur.

ZKB Nachtschwärmer

Holders of a ZKB young, ZKB student or ZKB start package can purchase a ZKB Nachtschwärmer (in German) instead of a night supplement.

*Swisscom business customers

Since 1 July 2020, Swisscom customers with a business account number can no longer purchase the night supplement by SMS. The reason for this is a Federal Supreme Court ruling that value-added services are subject to the Money Laundering Act. For further information please contact Swisscom directly.