Self-service bicycle transport

Travelling on two wheels? All you need is an additional ticket for your bike.

You need to purchase an additional regular ZVV ticket (2nd class, discount prices) or an SBB day pass. The most cost effective way to travel locally with a bicycle is to buy a ZVV ticket. For longer distances, it's worth buying an SBB day pass.

Bicycle transport

Please load and unload your bicycle yourself. Due to limited space please note that some companies do not carry bicycles or only do so outside of peak times (6-8am and 4-7pm). For more information, please click here.

Self-service bicycle transport

Prices, self-service bicycle transport
  Validity Fares for normals bikes
ZVV tickets (e.g. single ticket, 24h-ticket) 30 mins to 24 hours (depending on ticket) Discount prices, 2nd class

SBB bike day pass

Day of issue/validation 14.00

SBB multiple day bike pass (6 days of your choice)

Day of validation 84.00
SBB annual bike pass 1 year 240.00


Peak times

Some companies do not carry bicycles or only do so outside of peak times (6.00-8.00am and 4.00-7.00pm). For an overview, please click here.

Space restrictions

Bicycles may only be carried where enough space is available.


Passengers are responsible for loading, unloading and transferring their bicycles.


Heavily soiled bicycles may be prevented from travelling if other passengers and/or the vehicle itself could come into contact with dirt.

Outside the ZVV area

Persons wishing to take their bicycles outside of the network area must purchase national tickets at half-fare. Bicycles may then be transported on the route indicated on the ticket.


Holders of a GA travelcard for young adults or Familia GA travelcard may bring bicycles for young persons aged 6-16 years free of charge. Conditions: Young persons must be travelling with their family (at least one parent) and the parent(s) must have tickets for their bicycles.

Large bicycles

Two tickets are required for tandems, recumbent bicycles and tricycles.

Small bicycles

Small children's bikes and scooters are carried free of charge. Other easily portable bicycles will be carried free of charge provided they can be stored above or below the passenger's seat. This also applies to folded bicycles and dismantled bicycles (in carrier bags).