Special tickets

Are you organising an event that your guests will attend by public transport? The Zurich Transport Network and its partner companies offer special customised tickets.


Combine your invitation, entrance fee and ZVV tickets to offer your visitors easy travel to and from your event or business premises. Travelling by public transport offers the following advantages:

  • No worries about parking
  • Fast and easy transport from A to B
  • Modern, environmentally friendly mobility

Special tickets for individual needs

Special ZVV tickets are available in the form of combined tickets for entry and return travel to conferences and special events; they are also suitable as promotional giveaways, environmentally friendly substitute transport and customer service offers (e.g. for garages and insurance firms).

  • Validity
    You decide the days and zones in which the ticket will be valid.
  • Nighttime network
    Travel until the small hours of the morning: the night supplement can also be integrated.
  • Your logo on the ticket
    Customer designs can feature on tickets: print your event/company logo, pictures, facts, schedules and more on your tickets. The reverse side can also be designed according to your specifications if required.
Example of a special ticket
Example of a special ticket


Let us know your plans or requirements. We will work with you to find the best possible solution to your travel needs.

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