Single ticket

Those who only use public transport in Greater Zurich occasionally will benefit from buying a single ticket or multiple-journey ticket.


Ticket machines provide the fastest and easiest way to purchase single tickets.


Single ticket prices
    Adult Child /Half-Fare travelcard
Validity in hours 2nd class CHF
1st class CHF 2nd class CHF
1st class CHF
Local zone ½ 2.70 4.50 2.30 3.80
1-2 zones 1 4.40 7.30 3.10 5.10
3 zones 1 6.80 11.20 3.40 5.60
4 zones 2 8.80 14.60 4.40 7.30
5 zones 2 10.80 17.80 5.40 8.90
6 zones 2 13.00 21.40 6.50 10.70
7 zones 2 15.00 24.80 7.50 12.40
All zones 2 17.20 28.40 8.60 14.20
Short distances ½ 2.70 4.50 2.30 3.80

Zones and validity times are printed on all tickets. For as long as your ticket is valid, you can travel as often as you wish on all types of transport in your selected zones. You can check the areas of validity for short-distance tickets and local networks by consulting the tables on ticket machines or asking the drivers of local and regional buses.


City zones

Zurich (zone 110) and Winterthur (zone 120) each count as two zones as the public transport networks in these cities are much more dense than elsewhere.

Short distances

Short-distance trips in the cities of Zurich and Winterthur may involve travel over city boundaries. Areas of validity are shown on the ticket machines.

Local network

A local network covers a municipality (not including the cities of Zurich and Winterthur).

Night supplement

To use the nighttime network you need an additional night supplement (CHF 5).