Frequently asked questions on the ZSG surcharge

Where is the ZSG surcharge?

The surcharge is payable on all ZSG routes on Lake Zürich, the Obersee and the River Limmat (including crossings and Limmat boats).

No surcharge is required on ZSG Dream Cruises or the Uster-Maur and Horgen-Meilen routes, which are not operated by ZSG.

Who needs to pay the ZSG surcharge?

The surcharge is a flat rate of CHF 5 (there are no discounts for children under 16 and Half-Fare or GA travelcard holders).

Children under 6 years accompanied by an adult, accompanied children travelling on a Junior/Grandchild/Child co-travelcard, persons travelling for free in groups, disabled persons (with a Swiss identity card for travellers with a disability according to T 600.4) and their companions, bicycles and dogs are all exempted from the surcharge.

How much do ZSG surcharge tickets cost?

Price list, ZSG surcharge
  Adult Junior
6– 25 years
Single ZSG surcharge 5.00 5.00
Multiple ZSG surcharge (6 journeys with 10% discount) 27.00 27.00
ZSG surcharge monthly* 25.00 15.00
ZSG surcharge annual* 150.00 90.00
*personal and non-transferable

For how long is the ZSG surcharge valid?

The surcharge is valid for one calendar day (until 5am on the following day, not 24 hours). Therefore you only need to buy one surcharge ticket per calendar day, which will be valid without limit on all scheduled cruises.

Where can I buy a ZSG surcharge ticket?

You may purchase the surcharge ticket at the Bürkliplatz sales office, over the counter, from any ticket machine, by SMS (text «ZSG-SZ» to 988; CHF 5 per SMS) and on board.

The surcharge will also be available from the ZVV ticket app at the start of the 2017 season.

What happens if I do not buy a ZSG surcharge ticket?

Generally you need to buy your travel ticket and the surcharge ticket before starting your journey; however, you may also buy one from the on-board payment point when you board the boat. If you do not buy the surcharge ticket, you will be directed to the payment point as if you were travelling without a valid ticket. In the event of non-compliance, the «Travelling without a valid ticket» regulation shall apply.

Does the Zürich Card include the ZSG surcharge?

Yes, the ZSG surcharge is included in the Zürich Card.

Why is the ZSG surcharge being introduced?

The ZSG surcharge is being introduced as part of collectively agreed measures applicable to ZVV as of 11th December 2016. The Governing Council of the canton of Zurich demanded introduction of the ZSG surcharge to improve the cost recovery ratio of the Zürichsee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft (ZSG) through additional revenue and support the reorganisation of budgetary planning in the canton. 

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