Yearly and monthly travelcards for those who travel regularly.



A one-time purchase brings a whole year of travel at a savings of around 23 percent. Personal annual travelcards are issued in a handy-sized credit card format.

Personal ZVV NetworkPass (Annual)

Price list, Personal ZVV NetworkPass (Annual)
  Adult Junior
6–25 years
2nd class
1st class
2nd class
Local network 460.00 764.00 340.00
1–2 zones 782.00 1288.00 570.00
3 zones 1150.00 1895.00 837.00
4 zones 1518.00 2502.00 1104.00
5 zones 1858.00 3064.00 1343.00
All zones 2226.00 3671.00 1610.00
  • Available in a practical credit card format.
  • Can be replaced for a fee in case of loss.
  • If you happen to leave your annual travelcard at home, you can present it at a counter within 10 days and pay only CHF 5 instead of the full fee for people travelling without a valid ticket.

Transferable ZVV NetworkPass (Annual)

Price list, Transferable ZVV NetworkPass (Annual)
2nd class
1st class
Local network 515.00 846.00
1–2 zones 874.00 1444.00
3 zones 1279.00 2107.00
4 zones 1702.00 2806.00
5 zones 2079.00 3432.00
All zones 2493.00 4112.00
* Young persons who need a transferable NetworkPass can purchase the corresponding adult travelcard.

This travelcard may be used by others.


City zones

Travelcards for 1-2 zones are available for the cities of Zurich (zone 110) and Winterthur (zone 120).

Local network

A local network covers a municipality (not including the cities of Zurich and Winterthur).

Night supplement

To use the nighttime network you need an additional night supplement (CHF 5).