Yearly and monthly travelcards for those who travel regularly.



Buy once, travel for a month: The NetworkPass is good value for anyone making just three or four journeys per week. It is available as a personal or transferable travelcard.

Personal ZVV NetworkPass (Monthly)

Price list, Personal ZVV NetworkPass (Monthly)
  Adult Junior
6 – 25 years
2nd class
1st class
2nd class
Local network 50.00 83.00 37.00
1–2 zones 85.00 140.00 62.00
3 zones 125.00 206.00 91.00
4 zones 165.00 272.00 120.00
5 zones 202.00 333.00 146.00
All zones 242.00 399.00 175.00
  • Can be replaced for a fee in case of loss.
  • In case you don’t carry your travel card with you during a ticket inspection, you will be issued a provisional surcharge. If you show your travel card within 10 days at any ticket counter you will only be charged a fee of CHF 5 instead of the full surcharge for travelling without a valid ticket.

Transferable ZVV NetworkPass (Monthly)

Price list, Transferable ZVV NetworkPass (Monthly)
2nd class
1st class
Local network 56.00 92.00
1–2 zones 95.00 157.00
3 zones 139.00 229.00
4 zones 185.00 305.00
5 zones 226.00 373.00
All zones 271.00 447.00
* Young persons who need a transferable NetworkPass can purchase the corresponding adult travelcard.

This travelcard may be used by others.


City zones

Travelcards for 1-2 zones are available for the cities of Zurich (zone 110) and Winterthur (zone 120).

Local network

A local network covers a municipality (not including the cities of Zurich and Winterthur).

Night supplement

To use the nighttime network you need an additional night supplement (CHF 5).