Get mobile, stay mobile

«Get mobile, stay mobile» is a course dealing with everyday mobility for senior citizens and other interested persons.

The half-day course «Get mobile, stay mobile» is aimed at anyone who avoids ticket machines, has trouble getting their bearings in stations or feels unsafe on the streets.

Seniorin sitzt in einem Bus.

The course provides basic guidance aimed at ensuring that senior citizens are confident and well informed when using public transport or walking. Experts will show you how to use ticket machines. Find out which tickets are most suitable and discover which special offers will benefit you. Useful tips, both theoretical and practical, will help you find your way around stations and stops. You will also increase your confidence as a pedestrian in public spaces.

Course content

  • Getting around safely on foot and on public transport
  • Staying independently mobile
  • Becoming familiar with various forms of mobility
  • Learning how to combine the options cleverly
  • Staying healthy when getting around day-to-day

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