Frequently asked questions about SwissPass

FAQs about ZVV travelcards on the SwissPass are answered below.        

You can view and download a PDF version here (PDF, 137 KB).

1. Questions about purchasing

What offers are available on the SwissPass

  • NetworkPass (personal annual and monthly travelcards)
  • 9 o’clock pass (personal annual and monthly travelcards)
  • Z-Pass (personal annual and monthly travelcards)
  • Various other public transport products and additional mobility and leisure services.

Can other tickets, such as single tickets, be loaded onto the SwissPass?

No, only personal annual and monthly travelcards can be loaded onto the SwissPass at present.

Does a ZVV travelcard have to be loaded onto the SwissPass?

Personal annual and monthly travelcards are only issued on the SwissPass. Transferable monthly travelcards can still be issued on standard security paper at ZVV and SBB ticket machines.

What do I need to purchase a ZVV travelcard on the SwissPass for the first time?

If you do not yet have a SwissPass (e.g. for a Half-Fare Travelcard), you need a current and good-quality passport photo. After the purchase, your SwissPass will be delivered to your address within no more than 10 days. You will receive a temporary SwissPass for the meantime.

How can I pay for my SwissPass travelcard?

Various payment options are available depending on the point of sale. At the ZVV ticket shop, travelcards can be purchased via credit card, PostFinance card, Reka-Card, TWINT or invoice.


2. Questions about ticket inspection

Can the SwissPass be entered in the ZVV app and does the SwissPass card still need to be presented during a ticket inspection?

Yes, the SwissPass can be linked in the ZVV app. If you purchase a mobile ticket, it is sufficient to present this during an inspection. It is not necessary to present the SwissPass as well.

Travelcard-holders also have the option of travelling without the SwissPass card by displaying the digital version of the SwissPass in the app, which is valid for inspections, provided they have logged in in advance. However, a different official identity document is required.

What can I do if I have forgotten my SwissPass?

  • If you notice that you have forgotten your SwissPass before you begin your journey, you can go to a ticket office and present official identification. For CHF 5, you can obtain a ‘Forgot my SwissPass’ receipt that allows you to travel in conjunction with an official ID.
  • After a ticket inspection (in which you were unable to present your SwissPass), you can present your SwissPass at a ZVV ticket office within 10 days. Bring along your payment notice and official ID. In this case, you will only be charged a processing fee of CHF 5.

3. Questions about travelcard renewal

How long is the SwissPass card valid?

The SwissPass card is valid for five years. After that, you will receive a new card when you purchase a new public transport service.

Where can I find the validity date for my existing travelcard?

The validity date can be viewed:

  • in your customer account at
  • at
  • at ZVV and SBB ticket machines
  • at a ticket office or by asking a ticket inspector

Can I cancel my SwissPass?

The SwissPass itself is not a travelcard, but just a carrier card. It is therefore not possible to cancel your SwissPass. Validity periods, extensions and terminations differ depending on the travelcard.

Unlike GA and Half-Fare Travelcards, ZVV travelcards are not automatically renewed. We will remind you to renew your travelcard. If you do not wish to renew your travelcard when it expires, you can keep the SwissPass and use it later if you obtain a new travelcard.

How and when will I be reminded about the expiry of my ZVV travelcard?

If you wish, we will send you a reminder via email or text message on the first and last day of validity.

  • Annual travelcard-holders will receive a notice via email approximately one month before the travelcard expires. Notification via post is also possible on request.
  • Monthly travelcard-holders will receive a reminder via email or text message seven days before the travelcard expires.

You can manage your notifications in your customer account at

Where can ZVV travelcards on the SwissPass be renewed?

We recommend that you visit the ZVV ticket shop or use the ZVV ticket app to renew your travelcards.

Renewal is also possible at all ticket offices. Monthly travelcards can also be renewed at ZVV and SBB ticket machines.

Can a SwissPass be replaced if lost, damaged or stolen?

Yes, a SwissPass can be replaced for CHF 30. You can order a replacement card in the ZVV ticket shop or at a ticket office.


Valid as of November 2020