E-ticket information

The most important questions and answers about using e-tickets.

E-tickets and check-in tickets / EasyRide

E-tickets and check-in tickets / EasyRide are becoming more and more popular. For some time now they have accounted for more than half of all the tickets sold by ZVV. They entitle you to travel on public transport in the same way as conventional paper tickets. However, e-tickets and check-in tickets / EasyRide differ from paper tickets in some important respects. We have compiled the most important questions and answers.

Why do I have to buy / activate e-tickets and check-in tickets / EasyRide before starting my journey, or preferably before boarding?

The statutory rule applies throughout Switzerland that passengers must hold a valid ticket when the vehicle starts moving. We therefore recommend that our passengers buy their e-ticket before boarding, in the same way as a paper ticket, to ensure that the purchase process has been completed at the correct time and the ticket is valid.

I had to pay an additional charge because I was a few seconds late in buying my ticket. Why is ZVV not more lenient in such cases?

ZVV does not generally control access to public transport, as is the case, for example, with the barriers on underground trains abroad. In this sense, we trust our passengers to have a valid ticket for their journey, and we only conduct random checks for this. Also, the journey time between two stops is often just a few minutes, or for tram and bus connections in the city centres, less than a minute. This makes it possible to only buy an e-ticket when a ticket inspector boards the tram. As these employees wear uniforms, they are easy to recognise. For this reason alone the rule has been introduced in law that passengers must hold a valid ticket when the vehicle starts moving. Otherwise the current fare system, which is based on fairness, would be completely undermined. 

Why can the ticket inspector ask for ID in addition to the ticket?

E-tickets and check-in tickets / EasyRide are always personal and are issued in your name. This is because e-tickets and check-in tickets / EasyRide are easier to duplicate than paper tickets, which are printed on security paper. Therefore, one of the tasks of the ticket inspectors is to check the identity of holders of e-tickets and check-in tickets / EasyRide. Ticket inspectors are also authorised to check an e-ticket more than once to prevent incorrect check-in and check-out with check-in tickets / EasyRide.

Why do I have to pay CHF 30 if I can only present my valid e-ticket or check-in ticket / EasyRide afterwards?

If you actually had a valid e-ticket or activated check-in ticket / EasyRide during a ticket inspection but could not show this ticket to the inspector, your personal details will be recorded by the inspection staff and you will be asked to go to a counter later or to contact the TaxCenter. If it is confirmed that you had a valid e-ticket or check-in ticket when the inspection took place, you will be charged a fee of CHF 30 to cover the inconvenience caused to the ticket inspectors, TaxCenter and counter staff. This is a small fee which does not cover the costs incurred. Your data and the record of the event are deleted immediately when you pay the fee. 

Does it matter which app I use to buy a ZVV ticket?

Not all apps sell the entire range of ZVV tickets. If you want to be certain, it is best to use the ZVV app. The ZVV app in particular has a feature that prevents you from catching an earlier scheduled service after purchasing an e-ticket for which your e-ticket is not yet valid. In the ZVV app you can select the option that your e-ticket should be valid immediately upon purchase. (see image).

Why do the ticket inspectors have no leeway for decisions if a passenger is unable to show a correct ticket?

Ticket inspectors do not have the time or the information required to make well-founded and fair decisions. They have been instructed to always record the personal information of a passenger who is unable to present a valid ticket. For further clarification of the circumstances, please contact the relevant TaxCenter if you have any questions. You will find the information you need on the receipt given to you by the ticket inspectors after they have noted your personal details.

Important: the ticket inspectors are bound by the constitutional principle of equal treatment, which means that they have to treat all passengers equally. If they were to show lenience at the spot-check, they could be accused of discrimination or of showing preference.

Who develops and decides about e-tickets and check-in tickets / EasyRide?

E-tickets and check-in tickets / EasyRide are part of a single national system which is accessed by all distribution channels. ZVV works at the national level to ensure that the specific requirements of passengers in the ZVV area are taken into account in the further development of the system

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