Day pass

A ZVV day pass or multiple day pass enables you to travel within specified zones for 24 hours – where you want, how you want and as often as you want. The multiple day pass also offers savings of up to 10 per cent compared to a day pass.


A multiple day pass is the best choice for occasional travellers who only want to use public transport for one day. This option provides six day passes for use on any travel dates required. The pass promises even cheaper travel: you save as much as 10 per cent compared to a day pass.


Prices, multiple day passes
    Adult Child / Half-Fare travelcard
Validity in hours 2nd class
1st class
2nd class
1st class
Local network 24 26.40 43.60 23.60 38.80
1-2 zones 24 47.60 78.40 35.20 58.00
3 zones 24 73.20 120.80 38.80 64.00
4 zones 24 95.20 156.80 50.00 82.40
5 zones 24 116.80 192.80 61.60 101.60
6 zones 24 140.40 231.60 74.00 122.00
7 zones 24 162.00 267.20 85.60 141.20
All zones 24 185.60 306.40 98.00 161.60

Save time

The multiple day pass promises time savings and more convenience: once you've bought this ticket, there's no need to look for change at ticket machines.


The multiple day pass offers travel on any six days.


Validating tickets

Multiple day passes must be stamped in a machine before travelling.

Juniors with equivalent multiple day passes

Where one field on a multiple day pass is validated at full price, two persons can travel provided they are both eligible for a reduced fare (i.e. children, Half-Fare travelcard holders) and at least three zones are paid for.

City zones

Zurich (zone 110) and Winterthur (zone 120) each count as two zones as the public transport networks in these cities are much more dense than elsewhere.

Short distances

Short-distance trips in the cities of Zurich and Winterthur may involve travel over city boundaries. Areas of validity are shown on the ticket machines.

Local network

A local network covers a municipality (not including the cities of Zurich and Winterthur).

*Night supplement

To use the nighttime network you need an additional night supplement (CHF 5).

**ZSG surcharge

On ZSG routes on Lake Zürich, the Obersee and the River Limmat you require a boat surcharge (CHF 5) in addition to a valid ticket.