Glattalbahn Extension Kloten

Since the end of 2010, the Glattalbahn has connected the Zurich North area with the central Glattal. The overall Glattalbahn Extension Kloten project provides for the extension of the Glattalbahn from Zurich Airport to Kloten Industrie. At the same time, the flood risk for Kloten and for the airport will be minimized and a major bicycle route will be created.

The planned extension of the Glattalbahn by around 3.5 kilometres connects the existing route of the Glattalbahn at the airport. The line crosses the A51 highway on a bridge. It then follows the Altbach towards Stadthaus and Industriestrasse. It ends after five stops at the turning loop "Grubenstrasse" in the Steinacker area.

The project creates the traffic conditions for the development of the Steinacker area planned by the city of Kloten. This area is to be densified and used in the future for mixed residential and working purposes.

In the first few years, the Glattalbahn will run at 15-minute intervals; later, the timetable can be condensed in line with passenger growth.

Project background

On the one hand, the extension of the Glattalbahn from Zurich Airport to Kloten is necessary to cope with the steady population growth. On the other hand, major projects in the airport region will create jobs in the medium and long term and thus additional commuter flows. The Glattalbahn Extension Kloten will expand an efficient connection from and to the airport, one of the most frequented and well-connected locations in Switzerland.

The overall project

At the same time, the project will minimize the flood risk for Kloten and the airport as much as possible by implementing the necessary flood protection with enhancement of the Altbach. As a third subproject, a major bicycle route will be built from Zurich Airport to Bassersdorf Industrie, which is an important piece in the puzzle of the cantonal bicycle network plan. The spatial proximity and the interdependencies of these projects require joint processing.

Schedule and costs

Construction is scheduled to start in 2026, with service commencing in 2029 after a construction period of around four years. After completion of the preliminary project, the costs for the overall project will be around CHF 441 million with a cost accuracy of +/- 20%.

Project responsibility

VBG Verkehrsbetriebe Glattal AG is projecting the overall project on behalf of the Canton of Zurich. The construction project is to be developed by mid-2023.