FAQ about purchasing tickets

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers about the ZVV app for you below.

You can view and download a PDF version here (PDF, 157 KB).

What tickets can I buy with the app?

You can use the ZVV app to purchase personal, non-transferable ZVV and Z-Pass tickets, tickets from all other networks throughout Switzerland and tickets from National Direct Service (NDV). All ZVV and Z-Pass tickets (excluding ZVV zone upgrades) are also available as multiple tickets that can be used up to six times and are up to 10% cheaper than single tickets.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to purchase a ticket?

Yes, you need an internet connection to purchase a ticket.

Where and how can I purchase my ticket in the app?

You can purchase the tickets right after you check a timetable. If you would like to buy a ticket without checking a timetable first, you can do so under ‘Tickets’ in the shop or via your personal list of favourites. Multiple ZVV and Z-Pass tickets are available under ‘Multiple tickets’.

Do I need to register to use the app?

No, you can use the app without registering. You merely have to provide a payment method. When you purchase a ticket, you will also need to provide your name and date of birth to personalise it.

Can I add my Half-Fare travelcard to the app?

You can add your SwissPass if you are the main user of the app. This means that your Half-Fare travelcard will be factored in automatically when you purchase a ticket. In the event of an inspection, you will only need to present your mobile ticket on your phone. You no longer need to present your Half-Fare travelcard or SwissPass separately. For travel companions, the Half-Fare travelcards can be entered manually along with their details.

How do I pay for my ticket?

Before or during your first purchase in the app, you have to register a valid credit or debit card (e.g. PostFinance card) or select one of the other available payment methods (e.g. TWINT or Reka) under ‘Settings’. You can also purchase your ticket via invoice. Invoices are generated by the payment service provider CembraPay.

How do I obtain my ticket after purchasing it?

All mobile tickets are stored electronically and centrally by the ZVV. As soon as you have purchased a ticket or validated a multiple ticket, the ticket will appear in the app on your mobile phone.

When do I have to purchase my ticket?

You must be in possession of a valid ticket before the means of transport departs. The purchase must be completed by the time the means of transport departs. In the case of multiple tickets, you must validate your card before departure. If the purchase or validation occurs too late, i.e. it isn’t completed until after the means of transport has departed, the electronic ticket will be deemed invalid by a ticket inspector and you will be considered to be travelling without a valid ticket.

How do I ensure that I purchase my ticket on time?

If the network bandwidth is low (e.g. EDGE, E, GPRS), you must allow additional time when you make a purchase or validate a ticket. As such, we strongly recommend that you purchase or validate your ticket at the stop or train station before you board the means of transport.

Can I order my ticket long before the start of the journey?

Yes, you can choose when your ticket becomes valid and purchase it up to 60 days in advance.

When a multiple ticket is validated, the ticket in question is valid for the period of time shown on the ticket.

National Direct Service tickets are valid from the moment of purchase or from midnight on the chosen calendar day.

Can I also purchase tickets for my companions, dog or bicycle through the app?

You can purchase up to nine tickets per ticket type in one go or validate a multiple ticket more than once. Group tickets for 10 or more travellers are available from the counter. Please note that your travel companions (including dogs and bicycles) must always accompany you, otherwise they will count as travelling without a valid ticket.

Can I transfer my mobile ticket in the app and, for example, forward it to someone else?

No, the mobile tickets are personal and non-transferable. Additionally, mobile tickets may not be sent to other mobile phones. You can be prosecuted for illegally forwarding a mobile ticket.

Will I get a purchase receipt for my ticket?

Yes, if you want a separate receipt for each ticket purchase, you can have the receipt (PDF) sent to your email address under ‘Settings’. You can change or delete the email address at any time.

Do I need to enter the point of departure and destination every time I buy a ticket?

No. While you can purchase a ticket via the timetable or by querying a route, you can also do so through the quick selection menu with the most frequently purchased ZVV tickets or through your personal favourites where the tickets you most frequently buy are listed. Simply touch the ticket you want to initiate the purchase.

Why do I see different coloured strips on the tickets?

Explanations of the various coloured strips are available below:

  • Green: your ticket is valid.
  • Orange: your ticket is not yet valid.
  • Red: your ticket has expired.

The exact details about the validity period appear as text in the strip.

I cannot currently see the validity period of my ticket. I see a grey stripe. Why?

That is because you actively terminated the application that was running in the background after buying your ticket and the application was unable to connect to the internet when it restarted. In this case, the validity period of the ticket is not shown for security reasons. As soon as the application is back online, the remaining validity period will be shown again.

Important notice: even if you are temporarily unable to see the remaining validity period, the ticket you have purchased will be valid for as long as indicated on the ticket and can be validated by the inspector.

To prevent the case involving the grey bar from happening, we recommend that you simply close the app after you buy your ticket and do not terminate it. This way, the validity period will always be shown even if your phone does not have an internet connection.

What do I need to do during a ticket inspection?

Simply open the app and show the inspector the mobile ticket that appears on the start page when you press the QR code button in the bottom right. If you have purchased more than one ticket, you can swipe left to show the other tickets.

Other tickets (e.g. the Half-Fare travelcard) must be presented along with the mobile phone if you have not added your SwissPass to the app. On request, you must (also) relinquish your mobile phone to the inspector so your ticket can be checked.

What happens if I cannot show my ticket to an inspector?

If you are unable to present a personal mobile ticket that was purchased correctly prior to departure to the inspector (e.g. because your phone battery is dead), the inspector will take your personal details. This will enable the collection centre to check your ticket at a later date. In this case, you will only be charged an administrative fee for the subsequent checks; no surcharge will be billed. On the other hand, if you have not purchased a ticket prior to departure, you will count as travelling without a valid ticket and a surcharge will apply. The relevant fare regulations apply.

I have deleted the app or had to re-install the app. Can I recover tickets that I have purchased?

If you logged in to your customer account before making the purchase in the app, the tickets, multiple tickets and all other app data will be recovered when you log back in on another device or back into the re-installed app.

If you made your purchases as a guest and the app is deleted from your mobile phone, all mobile tickets will also be irrevocably deleted. In this case, it is not possible to recover deleted tickets.

I have bought the wrong ticket and/or not used my ticket. What can I do?

You can refund mobile tickets and multiple tickets in the app before they become valid. The refund will be credited to the payment method you used to buy the tickets. You will not be charged a reimbursement fee.

In all other cases, our customer service ZVV-Contact will be happy to provide you with information about how to claim a refund by phone on 0800 988 988 or by email at contact@zvv.ch. If a refund is still possible, ZVV-Contact can initiate it at the same time. The ID must be provided for each ticket. A reimbursement fee shall be charged in line with the tariff.

I have lost my mobile phone and am worried that someone else with the ZVV app could purchase tickets using my registered payment method. What can I do?

In general, you must set up security measures on your mobile phone, especially by activating the phone’s general security code and/or setting up password protection in the ZVV app. You can configure your password under ‘Settings’. Additionally we recommend that you

  • Have your mobile provider block your number and
  • Have your card provider freeze your payment method if you lose your phone.

The app is not working, I cannot buy a ticket. What can I do?

If you have any problems with the app, please contact our customer service ZVV-Contact (0800 988 988).

Is my data secure when I use the ZVV app?

The ZVV only collects and processes data required to use the app and purchase a personal travelcard. Your data is secure when you use the app. It is only shared with third parties (transport companies and transport operators in the ZVV as well as external service providers) to the extent necessary for the duties they perform in connection with the operation of the app. No personal data or journey data is collected. For more detailed information, see the General Terms and Conditions for purchasing and using e-tickets (available at https://www.zvv.ch/zvv/en/allgemeine-seiten/agb-etickets.html) and the data privacy statement of the ZVV (available at https://www.zvv.ch/zvv/en/allgemeine-seiten/datenschutzerklaerung.html).


Valid as of November 2023