Which ticket do I need for a boat trip?

For Lake Zurich and Lake Greifensee, the ticket must include the start and end zones as well as all zones that will be sailed through. For local traffic for the Thalwil-Küsnacht, Thalwil-Erlenbach, Horgen-Meilen, Männedorf-Wädenswil and Stäfa-Wädenswil crossings, only the start and end zones are required.

Exception: For longer boat trips (e.g. Zurich, Bürkliplatz to Rapperswil), only the shore-side zones count (in this case: all zones), despite the boat taking a zig-zag route.

As long as your ticket remains valid, you may travel between the listed zones as often as you would like. Via train, bus, tram, boat* or cableway.


  • The boat trip from Stäfa (zone 143) to Horgen (151) passes through Männedorf (142) and Halbinsel Au (152). Correspondingly, 4 zones must be paid for.
  • For a trip form Thalwil to Wädenswil, only the 3 zones on the left shore (150, 151, 152) must be paid for even though you will generally have to change at Männedorf to do so. With the ticket paid for 3 zones, you can take the train (S-Bahn) in place of the boat.

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