Multiple tickets: digital and in paper

For occasional journeys, use ZVV multiple tickets, each with six validation fields. This will save you time and money. The easiest way to do this is digitally in the ZVV app.

Buy once, use six times. With multiple tickets you do not only save time when buying tickets, you also benefit from a discount of up to 10 percent (except multiple first-class upgrades and short distances). Validate the ticket whenever you need it.


Multiple tickets for your smartphone

Redeem multiple tickets directly in the ZVV app on your phone. No more risk of forgetting them at home or in a different bag and you can conveniently validate a ticket with just one tap.

After purchasing a multiple ticket you will find it on the start screen of the ZVV app.

Unterwegs mit der digitalen ZVV-Multikarte

Multiple tickets are available for the following tickets:

Multiple tickets are vaild for one year and are available in digital and in paper form.