General terms and conditions of business and delivery for the BonusPass

The BonusPass, a product from the Zurich Transport Network (ZVV) and the Z-Pass association, is issued on the SwissPass under the preconditions referred to below, subject to public transport tariffs and provisions. The BonusPass holder is described hereafter as “holder”.

The BonusPass is a personal non-transferrable annual travelcard for 1st or 2nd class. It is only issued to people with whose employer a relevant contract exists. The first day of validity can be selected freely.

The BonusPass is valid for 12 months on all types of public transport and lines of the Zurich Transport Network (ZVV “all zones”) or the relevant Z-Pass corridor (e.g. A-Welle–ZVV “all zones”). It expires after the validity period indicated has run out.

Sales price

The basis for the sales price is the zone distance between the holder’s place of residence and work. The currently valid connection lists of ZVV or the Z-Pass association are central here. The sales prices apply according to the separate price lists of the employer in question. For employees residing outside the relevant transport network or corridor the “all zones” tariff applies in principle.

The zone distance between the place of residence and work, which is relevant for pricing, and the resulting sales price, are stipulated by the BonusPass service centre based on the official ZVV or Z-Pass zone map.

The prices are adapted to the currently valid tariff without active communication. The first day of validity of the BonusPass is key to the applicable tariff.

A change of residence of the holder within the area of validity of the ZVV Pass or Z-BonusPass issued during the period of validity indicated does not have any effect on the sales price already calculated or upon the validity of the BonusPass.

Ordering and delivery

The holder orders their BonusPass using the order link, or by post via a form. The order is authorised by the employer in the ordering tool and is approved for ordering. After authorisation, the BonusPass is loaded on to the SwissPass within around ten days. If the holder does not yet have a SwissPass card, one will be sent to their residential address via the BonusPass order.

Retrospective issuing is not possible. Consequently, no tickets will be refunded either. For orders received at short notice the BonusPass will be activated on the SwissPass, valid from the creation date, without notification.

If a SwissPass is still not available, the holder can obtain a provisional travelcard from a ticket counter.

Invoicing and payment

The holder receives an invoice for the applicable sales price of the BonusPass via e-mail. If no e-mail address is available, the invoice is sent by post. The amount is due from the date of issue.

Part-payments and other means of payment (e.g. Reka, vouchers and credit cards) are not accepted. Payment should be made using the deposit slip provided.

Complaints with regard to the correctness of the invoicing must be made to the BonusPass service centre in writing within ten days of receiving the invoice; otherwise it is assumed that this has been accepted.

If the holder does not pay the outstanding amount within the designated period, this falls into arrears without a reminder. If the employee is sent a reminder to pay due to defaulting on the payment, they will be charged CHF 15. The sales organisations reserve the right to inform the holder’s employer of the outstanding amount and to request this from them if necessary.

Replacement or loss of card

If the holder loses their SwissPass or this is damaged, they can obtain a new card at a staffed point of sale. The new card costs CHF 30. If they show an official ID at the counter, the holder receives a provisional SwissPass for the period up to receipt of the new SwissPass. The new card will be issued to the holder by post within around ten days.

Return and refund of BonusPass

The “BonusPass” service can be refunded at the BonusPass service centre if it is not used. The general tariff conditions for the fare networks (T651.8 and T651.30) apply. Internal instructions from the employer, which prohibit the return of the BonusPass, take precedence over this provision.

1/9 of the sales price in question will be charged per month used (Percentage calculation with rounding up to whole percentages. Refund amount is rounded down to whole francs). A BonusPass can be refunded up to the end of the eighth month. Refund is no longer possible from the ninth month of validity. Only whole months, not individual days, are refunded. A month that has been commenced is considered to be a whole month from the first day of use.

The corresponding refund amount (according to the refund provisions of ZVV or the Z-Pass association) will be credited to the company pro rata on the next invoice, or to the bank / postal account of the holder. No cash payments can be made at the ticket counter.

Cancellation of the service during validity is made in writing, via e-mail or by telephone at the BonusPass service centre.

Refunds for ZVV Pass / Z-Pass standard tariff travelcards that are still valid

When showing the new and valid BonusPass on the SwissPass at a staffed ticket counter, the holder can request a pro rata refund for ZVV Pass / Z-Pass standard tariff travelcards that are still valid. The general tariff provisions for the fare networks (T651.8 and T651.30) apply.

Changes to tariffs and GTCs

Prices and services may be adapted at any time. SBB will notify the company in advance in a suitable way of any changes to the tariffs. If the modifications are disadvantageous to the company, it may terminate the contract beforehand by the date on which the change comes into force. Failure to do so constitutes acceptance of the changes.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Agreements concluded in connection with these GTCs are governed exclusively by Swiss law. The court of jurisdiction for any disputes arising in respect of this agreement is Zurich, unless specified otherwise by the rules of civil law.

Status, April 2019


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