The BonusPass allows employees to travel at reduced rates. The ZVV gives companies attractive options for promoting long-term mobility by paying a share of employee travel costs.

The BonusPass provides employees with a personal yearly travelcard at a reduced rate – and it's valid in all zones of the Zurich Transport Network. For many companies, the BonusPass is a firmly established element of staff policy: It enables them to support their workforce while cleverly endorsing environmentally friendly mobility.

The BonusPass promises the following advantages for companies:

  • Better value
    Employees enjoy greater added value.
  • Lower travel expenses
    The BonusPass cuts your company's travel costs and eases parking space problems.
  • Flexibility
    You can flexibly determine the contribution level per travelcard. The minimum quantity is five BonusPasses. If you have 100 BonusPasses or more, you can also claim a volume discount.
  • Sustainability
    You demonstrate your commitment to our environment while contributing to sustainable mobility.
  • Transparent costs
    ZVV handles the ordering, delivery, payment and replacement of travelcards on your behalf.

The BonusPass offers the following advantages for employees:

  • Travel at lower cost
    Your employer contributes to your commuting expenses, so you pay less for your travelcard.
  • Unlimited travel in the ZVV network
    The BonusPass is valid in all zones of the Zurich Transport Network, so you enjoy unlimited travel by train, bus, tram and boat.
  • Leisure
    The BonusPass offers simple and secure travel – not just when you're commuting, but also in your free time.
  • Allowance for existing travelcards
    Needless to say, you can claim a pro rata reimbursement on your existing ZVV annual travelcard by presenting your BonusPass at any sales office.


Further information

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General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions for the ZVV-BonusPass and the Z-BonusPass can be found here.