Zone fares

A ticket for everything: Thanks to the user-friendly zone fare you can travel as much as you want and whenever you like within the valid zones and time period. By train, bus, tram, ship or cablecar.

The territory of the Zurich Transport Network is divided into zones. In the ZVV you are not required to purchase a ticket based on the distance from A to B, but a zone ticket. The price of your ticket is calculated according to the number of zones you travel through. Within these zones and during the valid time period you can use public transport and change vehicles to travel to and back.

Zones and time printed on the ticket

The zones and the valid time period are printed on the ticket. You can purchase a ZVV ticket (e.g. at a ticket machine by entering the stop at your destination) and you will be allocated the right zones. To travel to neighbouring zones for which there is no direct connection, the zones for the detour must be purchased accordingly.

Between your starting point and your destination you are moving within one or more zones. The fare zone map helps you determine how many zones you will travel through.

Purchase ticket before departure

Please purchase or validate your ticket before starting your journey. The only exception is the regional and local buses: here you can purchase your ticket in the vehicle (from the driver).

Unrestricted passage

Within the valid zones you may undertake as many trips on all transport vehicles available as you require.

Your final journey should be completed before the validity period ends.

City zones

The two city zones Zurich (Zone 110) and Winterthur (Zone 120) count as two zones, as the public traffic network is more dense here than elsewhere.

More information

More information