Terms of use: Timetable for your website

The following provisions are valid in addition to the General legal notices of www.zvv.ch.

On your website you may incorporate the timetable made available by the ZVV, provided that the following terms of used are observed. Violations can result in the immediate cancellation of user rights.

  1. The contents of the timetable on your website must remain unchanged at all times. It is prohibited to display the timetable information in your own design along with your company logo, colours and/or other graphic elements as a part of your own Internet presence online.
  2. Copyright remarks (e.g. © 2015 ZVV, all information is subject to change) and other legally protected designations may not be removed.
  3. The timetable information may only be published for non-commercial use and information purposes. It is prohibited to reproduce (completely or partially), forward (electronically or otherwise), modify, link or use the timetable information for commercial purposes.
  4. The website that incorporates the timetable shall not violate legal provisions, official regulations or court bans and shall uphold the reputation of the ZVV.
  5. By incorporating the timetable, it is prohibited to violate provisions related to the ZVV brand and competition law.
  6. It is not permitted to copy the logo of the ZVV, individual text links or graphic elements from our websites. Additional approval is required for this by requesting it from website@zvv.zh.ch.

The ZVV reserves the right to change these specifications without notice at any time. No legal right can be claimed to the above described service.

The ZVV reserves the right to prohibit the incorporation of a timetable without giving any explanation.