ZVV bonus: travel and benefit!

Travelling with public transport more often pays off: Anyone who purchases a ticket in the ZVV app more than three days in a month is automatically given a credit for journeys in the following month.

How it works

  • Benefit automatically: Anyone that logs into the ZVV app with SwissPass and purchases tickets for trips in the network area automatically benefits from this new offer.
  • The app calculates a bonus for each calender month based on the number of travel days and the amount spent for ZVV single tickets. 
  • The more travel days collected per month, the higher the bonus is in percent. 
  • The bonus is awarded in the following month and is automatically deducted when you purchase ZVV tickets.
  • Both conventional tickets and tickets bought via the check-in function are taken into consideration.
  • The discount starts at three percent for three travel days and can reach a maximum of 30 percent for 30 travel days.

The advantages:

  • Total flexibility: Travel as often as you like, wherever you like.
  • Easy to use: The credit for the following month is calculated automatically in the app.
  • Bonus: The more travel days you collect, the higher the bonus the following month.
  • No advance payment necessary.



Start your journey the smart, simple and fast way with the ZVV app.

Download now and benefit from the ZVV bonus!

This offer is a limited market test in the ZVV. We reserve the right to make changes to the discount levels during the market test period. 

Useful information about the ZVV bonus

Eine Mutter ist mit ihrem Kind unterwegs im Bus und prüft ihren Anschluss in der ZVV-App.

Who can benefit from the bonus?

The ZVV bonus is automatically awarded to anyone who purchases tickets from the ZVV range using the ZVV app and who is logged into the app with the SwissPass. Registration is not necessary for the market test. Nothing will change for users, apart from them being rewarded for their loyalty with the ZVV bonus.


Ein junger Mann an der Haltestelle erneuert in der ZVV-App sein Abo.

What is a travel day?

A travel day is a day when at least one ZVV ticket with its validity starting on that day is purchased. For 24-hour tickets, only the first day of validity counts as the travel day, not the following day, even if the ticket is still valid. Multiple ticket purchases for the same day count as one travel day only. Days on which tickets are purchased exclusively using bonus credits or another 100% voucher are not counted as travel days. Travel that takes place on the last day of the month using the Check-in ticket will be charged on the first day of the following month and will only be counted as a travel day in the new month. 


Which tickets are taken into account?

Sales of all ZVV single tickets in the respective month are taken into account when calculating the bonus. Both conventionally bought and check-in tickets are taken into account. For technical reasons the bonus for check-in tickets cannot be adjusted in the event of a correction. Multiple tickets and travelcards are not. Purchases for other people are also not taken into account for the bonus.

Example 1:

Lisa travels from Winterthur to Zurich and back on five travel days in one calendar month. She spent CHF 65 for the tickets (with half-fare card) and receives 5% of the amount spent as a bonus for the following month. She will automatically be credited with CHF 3.25 on her next ticket purchase.

Example 2:

Jonas travels from Wetzikon to Zurich and back on ten travel days and enjoys one day trip at the weekend with the 9 O'Clock day pass in one calendar month. He spent CHF 143 for the tickets (with half-fare card) and receives 11% of the amount spent as a bonus for the following month. He will automatically be credited with CHF 15.73 on his next ticket purchase.


Eine junge Frau steht an der Haltestelle und kauft sich ein ZVV-Ticket.

How can the bonus be redeemed? 

The bonus is calculated at the end of the month and added to the app in the form of a credit during the first day of the new calender month. The credited amount can be seen in the customer account. The bonus is automatically deducted from any ZVV tickets purchased for individual passengers until it has been used up. Any bonus left over at the end of the month cannot be used in the following month.

Why do I need to log in? How is my personal data protected?

If you do not log in, the travel days cannot be allocated to a person. Logging in is necessary for the ZVV bonus because it is an individual bonus. Nothing changes in terms of data protection. Our regular conditions apply.


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